Why is Data Science Important?


Recently, the concept of data science has flashed more and more on the Internet. However, not many people know what it is and what the importance of all this is. That is why today we will understand this.

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Why is Data Science Important

The internet is now full of vacancies looking for data researchers; educational institutions such as schools and universities offer courses in Data Science. You can also find many different articles and books on this topic or get a Data Science Certification in Basel. What’s more, world-renowned giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Apple are using data science to improve their products and services. So why is she so important and how does she do it?

The Importance of Data Science

It all started with information about our world. For example, monks were considered the most educated people of the Middle Ages. They had knowledge of mathematics, nature, philosophy and had some idea of the physical world. During the Age of Enlightenment, there were people who had a deeper knowledge of science and technology. Such people moved progress forward. Therefore, environmental data are extremely important, since the information that mankind has accumulated over the entire history of its existence has made it possible to create a modern and progressive world in which we all live today.

Moreover, we interact with a new world – digital. People actively use social networks, make various purchases on the Internet, pay bank bills through mobile applications, study online, etc. Thus, we create more and more new data sets – Big Data or just big data.

What is Big Data

Data science (or data science) is a large amount of diverse structured and unstructured information that moves at incredible speed and is difficult to analyze using traditional methods and technologies.

This is especially true of the corporate world and all companies regardless of their industries and the countries with which they work. In the digital big data environment, companies are gaining incredible amounts of information about their users and customers. For example, data about user behavior, their social and cultural background, various preferences in food, clothing, entertainment, political views, as well as purchase history and other personal information.

This is especially true of the corporate world and all companies regardless of their industries and the countries with which they work. Despite the vast amount of diverse data, companies still do not know how to use it to satisfy the interests of both users and themselves.
In such cases, scientists and data science come to the rescue.

Why data science is needed

However, “getting or extracting information from data” can be a rather vague explanation for the importance of Data Science. Data science can answer many priority and important questions, such as:

  • Who should companies sell their products and services to?
  • Why is this particular product selling poorly?
  • How many new users will there be in the next month, year, etc?
  • What features will make the company’s website more user-friendly?

Data science can provide comprehensive and accurate answers to these and other questions that ultimately lead a company to success. Since the correct answers to the questions will ensure competitiveness and significantly improve the quality of customer service and increase the level of satisfaction of their users.

Data Science Use Cases

Data science has many good examples. For example, almost everyone loves to watch TV shows and movies, especially on Netflix. Netflix is currently the largest company in the entertainment industry. It has more than 147 million users in 190 countries around the world, and the company’s revenue exceeded $ 15 billion in 2018.

Netflix uses an effective recommendation system. For example, if you are watching Stranger Things, the system will most likely tell you to watch a similar show, such as Altered Carbon. Netflix knows what you like. After analyzing your preferences and interests, the recommendation system will suggest exactly those films and TV shows that you are most likely to like. This service enables the company to provide the best possible customer service as well as satisfy the entertainment needs of individuals.

Facebook is another company that actively uses data science in their business. The company uses it to help other companies target their customers correctly. By analyzing information about users, such as demographic data, geolocation, and user behavior, Facebook can serve relevant ads to specific users.

These examples are just a small part of what Data Science has done for other companies.


With the advancement of technology and the accumulation of more and more information, it is unlikely that data science will ever lose its popularity.


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