Benefits of Magento


There is an incredible platform on the basis of which the leading online shopping sites on the Internet are created. The name of this platform is Magento. The consulting company Gartner has been calling Magento the undisputed leader for several years now. This is confirmed even by statistics.

Benefits of Magento

All well-known companies have entrusted work with online stores to Magento. What do you think these companies are? It’s Skype, Samsung, 20th Century Fox, Nokia.

Magento has already occupied almost 30% of the market which is a brilliant indicator.

Reasons why Magento is right for you

1. Openness

Magento is open source. That is, you can firstly view it, and secondly change it.
Change as you like, adjust to your needs. Why is Magento so successful? Because the existence of open source also contributed to this.

2. You are safe

Being online is always at risk. Hundreds of different viruses and scammers are just eager to take over your data, withdraw money from a credit card, attack your computer and do many other bad things. Magento takes security seriously. A team of geniuses is always creating and modernizing ways to protect data and increase security to the highest levels. Of course, if you have already switched to Magento 2, you are not threatened by more than one threat.

Wait, wait someone said Magento 2? Oh, sure! Since June 2020, Magento 1 has ceased to receive support, that is, there has been a refusal to invest in it. No updates, but undermining the security of the site, which is still on Magento 1. It is high time to migrate to the second version of the platform! Everyone knows and understands that this is sometimes a difficult task. There is a significant difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2. But how to be? Who will take over this? There is a solution. Elogic is a superhero who will help you with your online store! Designing a new showcase? Migrating to Magento 2? No problem!

3. You will always be helped

The community around Magento is really great! The platform has gathered around itself a variety of people from bloggers and marketers to developers and managers. What does this mean? The answer is obvious! For every question there is always an answer, and for every problem there is a solution. If you strive for the best results, you have every chance to justify your aspirations! You will never be left without advice and support because you are surrounded by specialists! Most importantly, they are open to help!

4. Availability

Magento is always there for you and you need to be sure of it. This gives you a lot of room for your creativity, but when you’re just starting a company, you have a little bonus. Use the free version. Of course, this is simplified and in order to take advantage of all the benefits, you must select the Enterprise Edition.

Naturally, everyone wants to save money! We mentioned the certified company above. The fulfillment cost that Elogic offers to its clients is clearly calculated, consistently and is clear to the clients that they know what they are paying for! When it comes to additional fees, you know exactly what to pay extra for.

As a rule, prices can be broken down into certain stages of payment for the most accurate understanding of the state of affairs.

  • Setup & Onboarding Fees
  • Inventory Receiving and Intake Costs
  • Inventory Storage Costs
  • Pick and Pack Fulfillment Cost
  • Kitting & Assembling Costs
  • Shipping Costs
  • Account Management Fees
  • Return Fees

Dear readers, congratulations on getting to know the main advantages of Magento. Now you are definitely savvy in this matter and you can safely and confidently say that you are joining the ranks of ardent lovers of this platform.


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