5 Tips to Improve your Code with Microsoft Azure


Speaking about Microsoft Azure consulting, we cannot but mention Microsoft Azure.
Business transformation is impossible without optimizing the approach to the creation and maintenance of IT infrastructure. As shown by the emergence of the cloud computing industry in 2006, considerable developments have occurred in this area during the previous decade.

5 Tips to Improve your Code with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud computing platform, was one of the first of its kind.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that includes IaaS computing infrastructure (servers, data warehouses, networks, operating systems) as well as a collection of tools and services that make it simpler to design and deploy cloud-based applications (PaaS).

Over 160 Microsoft Azure data centers are now operational, and the platform is growing.

One of the platform’s many features is the availability of over 500 roles, each of which is capable of completing any job or project.

Different businesses utilize Azure to accomplish a wide range of objectives. An IaaS model is used by certain firms to locate their infrastructure in order to create internal business processes. Other businesses specialize in software and diverse applications, and they make use of Azure as a service.

The MS Azure platform may be used in an unlimited number of ways. With its wide range of services, continual expansion and ability to provide optimum data security, Azure is a clear leader in the cloud computing market.

Microsoft Azure: Safety And SLA Are One And The Same

Microsoft’s primary goal is data security and the continuous functioning of any infrastructure, regardless of the number of data centers and services it provides.

Azure data centers are inspected by prominent firms across the globe every year to guarantee optimum security and compliance with a variety of international and industry-specific standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), SOC 2 and 1, HIPAA and FedRAMP. Azure is also compliant with certain criteria in several regions. Examples include MTCS (Singapore), G Cloud (UK), IRAP (Australia).

Data is duplicated from one data center to two more data centers across the world using Azure cloud technology, assuring the integrity and security of the data centers.

Microsoft is also responsible for ensuring that the service level agreement is met (Service Level Agreement – Service Level Agreement).It ranges from 99.9% to 99.95% depending on the services.

Speaking of downtime, Azure services may not be available for up to 4 hours a year. If downtime is fixed above standard, Microsoft guarantees compensation for inconvenience.

The service level agreement exists both for all services and for each service separately. All information is publicly available.

Microsoft Azure SLA

Thus, using the Azure cloud platform, each customer receives a huge number of high-performance services with maximum security.

Infrastructure In Azure

Many companies use Azure primarily as a platform to build (or deploy) infrastructure. The IaaS paradigm – infrastructure as a service – is used by them.

Many different virtual machines, storage options, and methods of communication are available on the Microsoft Azure platform, allowing it to handle a wide range of workloads, from small to large, as well as mission-critical applications.

IaaS-based use of Azure has a number of distinct advantages:

  • Pre-made images and OSes for the most current versions are available for any scale infrastructure in only a few hours;
  • Security processes and services incorporated right into the platform ensure application and data protection;
  • Infrastructure expenditures may be reduced without sacrificing productivity or security.

Microsoft Azure IaaS applications may be used to manage and improve infrastructure, such as:

  • Automated service stop and start – allowing you to save money;
  • Automated infrastructure for load optimization; altering the kind of instances used automatically depending on the time spent utilizing them and the demand imposed on them,
  • Automatic data replication, fast recovery, etc.

Microsoft Azure IaaS services are used in various scenarios.

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