The Workflow of Software Development and Consulting


Consulting services for software development are an extensive procedure. Consultants are familiar with the requirements of the client’s business and offer solutions to meet the business objectives, and sometimes design the solution, and then provide post-release assistance. Each stage of this process must be examined in greater specific detail to help clarify the overall process of service.

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The Workflow of Software Development and Consulting

Discovery Phase

It’s difficult to develop an effective tech strategy and move to development without conducting a comprehensive study of the business of the client. The Discovery phase assists consultants become familiar with the business they’re about to collaborate with.

In this stage consultants will meet with clients to gather details about the company as well as gather requirements and examine the company’s issues. This information will assist consultants in determining the best solution that meets the business’s goals and requirements.

All the information and requirements are bundled into the specification, which includes all the technologies and features in the project. It also facilitates communication between companies and developers. If the customer doesn’t approve of the specification, subsequent steps aren’t able to begin.

Specification example

The final stage of this stage is deciding the way in which the suggested solution can be implemented. A consultant could rely on their managerial abilities and collaborate with the development team of the client to oversee the entire development process from beginning to completion. A different option would be to pick a consulting firm as the primary IT service provider in order to construct the system from beginning to finish.
No matter what the option the client is going to face an essentially standard development process by following the steps we will discuss below.

Product Design

After acquiring all the data, developers begin sketching the look of the app. They also create wireframes that are diagrams of the screens used in the app and the shifts between them.

Wireframes are different versions of wireframes that work with various applications.

Then, wireframes are checked through quality assurance experts. They remove any logical errors to ensure that the business owner has polished wireframes. After approval by the client the designers design full-blown mockups that are the final versions of each screen. After the design phase, all mockups will be given to the developers.

Product Development

This stage is where you begin the process in the process of actively developing. Developers introduce features, and testers test their functionality and continue to do so until the entire functions are in place. The client is always informed about the development process due to scheduled meetings and the reports offered to the vendors.

Delivery Phase

When the development of the project is completed and the vendor has transferred the finished product to the client, the project enters the release phase. If the need arises to request assistance with mastering the product and training staff members to use a brand-new product. In this situation, the company will provide an expert team, and they manage the onboarding procedure.

Another feature that is being considered at this point supports post-release for the project, aimed at making minor changes and modifications in response to feedback from the user.

How to Hire Software Development Consultant

Before you begin looking for a firm that offers consultancy services in software development it is important to decide the location where you will be looking. It is essential to not overlook this as the cost of the services, as well as the ease of communications, and the management are contingent on the location of the company.

There are three kinds of businesses which are nearshore, onshore and offshore.

Companies based in the offshore sector

The distinctive feature of offshore businesses is that they are located within the exact same nation as yours. The vendor could be in another state, city or region, but , most importantly, it’s located within your country’s borders.

Onshore outsourcing example.

The option is a simple option, as there aren’t any cultural or language differences.

However, outsourcing this type of work could be very costly for you particularly if you reside somewhere in the USA, Australia, or Canada. Based on Clutch and Good Firms their hourly wage can be as low as $150 and up in these areas.

Close shore businesses

The companies in this category are in your country’s vicinity, and the time between your and the country of the vendor is less than three hours. For instance, you reside in Poland and can locate an outsourcing company within Ukraine, Germany, or the Czech Republic’s
Nearshore outsourcing example.

This is a very cost-effective option in comparison to onshore. For instance, In Ukraine the hourly rate isn’t more than $50, while the cost in Germany is between $80 and $100.

Businesses from overseas

Offshore companies don’t only exist in different countries, but in other areas, and there may be significant differences in time. For instance, your business has its headquarters within Washington, USA, and you’ve hired offshore developers from Kharkiv, Ukraine, to be involved in the project. In this scenario, be prepared for a major time difference due to the fact that the day of work in Ukraine begins at 8:00 AM while in Washington it’s 1:00 AM.

Offshore outsourcing example.

The main benefit of this type of outsourcing is that it offers a wide array of businesses from all over the globe. This makes it quite easy to find an organization that will fit your requirements most effectively.

How to Approach software development and consulting Services

Now is the time to consider how to locate a company that can help you develop your software development and consulting step-by-step.

Step 1 Set out your goals and your requirements

Before you start searching for software consultants it is important to do some research, for instance identify the requirements for your project and business goals you intend to accomplish. It is important to answer these questions:

  • What is the issue confronting the company?
  • What kind of solution do you plan to correct?
  • What are the requirements for the solution that will meet requirements of the business?

Knowing the answer will make it much easier to negotiate with representatives from consulting firms.

Step 2 Create a list of the sellers

Next step would be to search for companies offering the services of software development consultants. They can be found through specialized platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms IT firms and others. They gather data on IT businesses from all over the globe and efficiently catalog the information for easy searching.

While searching for a company, take note of the portfolios, the projects they have previously worked on and their respective industries’ experience. It will provide you with an accurate image of whether the firm is the right one for your job or if it is better to find a different one.

Step #3: First contact

Once the list is completed After that, you need to reach out to firms and discuss your idea and possible future collaboration possibilities. Pay attention to what companies can offer, including the pricing policies they provide and what kind of consulting services they could offer.

Step #4: Final decision

After having a discussion with all the companies and negotiating with all of them, you’re now ready to pick the one that you like most. Consider both the advantages and disadvantages of selecting the firm you’ll be working with in the near future.


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