Windows 11 23H2 Update: Three New Exciting Features


Microsoft has made the best features of the eagerly awaited Windows 11 23H2 version available to beta testers in the Beta Channel.

The update offers a wide range of enhancements, including a ground-breaking AI assistant, a revamped File Explorer, and an in-depth energy report.

Update 1: The Integrated AI Assistant

Windows 11 will introduce Windows Copilot, an AI assistant that unites Bing Chat and additional plugins, marking a significant advancement in the integration of artificial intelligence. Copilot, which is easily accessed via a sidebar on the taskbar, tries to reimagine how users interact with their computers.

With the help of this assistant, users can complete a number of chores, get answers to questions, and even make travel arrangements without ever leaving their desktop.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. Although the feature appears promising, early feedback suggests that Copilot may not be as well-integrated as consumers would want. Microsoft still needs to work out some kinks in this ground-breaking feature, according to complaints about slow performance and rare errors in interpreting user meaning.

Update 2: Modernized File Explorer

A sleek, updated File Explorer interface powered by Windows App SDK and developed with WinUI is also included in the upgrade. The goal of this new design is to make using your PC more simple and natural than before.

Users of Azure Active Directory (AAD) now see recommended files on a carousel, and the appearance of Quick Access folders and Recent sections has been improved. Cloud storage management has never been easier thanks to the integration of quota and sync status flyouts for OneDrive users into the address bar.

Additionally, Microsoft is introducing a redesigned details pane that makes it simpler to collaborate and obtain file information without ever opening the files. While maintaining a streamlined and effective user experience, this function strives to increase productivity.

Update 3: Comprehensive Energy Report

The Windows 11 23H2 update offers a thorough energy report function for users who are concerned about their energy use or battery life. This gives you up-to-date information on your device’s energy usage, broken down over time spans from the previous day to the previous week.

The “battery usage per app” function, which enables users to keep track of energy usage app by app, is even more intriguing.

The option to view “Total usage” for a comprehensive view or “In use” and “Background” to distinguish between active and passive consumption is available to users. For anyone looking to optimize the performance of their gadget while using the least amount of energy possible, this new option could be invaluable.


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