Are Driver’s Legal Plans Worth the Price?


Moving freight along the highways and byways can be an exciting experience for new drivers. Older drivers may not feel quite the thrill all the time, but that feeling may return at odd moments. Moving thousands of pounds of machine and cargo to a new destination can be a wonderful way to see the world. It can also be an invitation to the many headaches drivers can face as they work.

The rules for CDL drivers have become even tighter over the last few years. That is in addition to state DOT officers and local municipal police handing out tickets for any infraction they find. Looking into a driver’s legal plan could be a good decision for someone running a rig on the roads today.

A Look at the Plan

A driver’s legal plan is fairly simple, and it works almost the same way insurance does. The plan member enrolls for a policy, and they pay a monthly fee to belong. If they are in need of an attorney, the plan provides them with a licensed attorney to help settle the matter. The driver could have a moving violation, an equipment ticket, or they could be accused of being over hours on their log book. All of these are the types of issues drivers face today. The ability to have a highly qualified attorney on tap and ready to take the case is what the plan offers.

Keeping a Clean Record

Drivers are often on the road for thousands of miles every year. This provides them with more opportunities to be ticketed and inspected by authorities. The number of violations or infractions on a driver’s record can cause employment issues. A company may choose to release a driver with several tickets. State authorities may suspend a driver’s CDL if they have too many violations.

All of these can add up to a driver without the ability to earn a living. That is one of the main reasons for getting a legal plan in place. An attorney can fight tickets and violations that may not have been earned by the driver. This may keep a driver from future employment issues due to their driving record.

The Cost of Violation

There are a few ticket issues that allow drivers to simply fix a violation, have it inspected, and then the ticket is satisfied. Many tickets issued today have fines attached. Commercial drivers face larger fines than those without a CDL. This is due to the fact they are considered professionals, and that is one of the reasons often cited for electing to charge higher fines. The cost of violation of any rules can add up to thousands of dollars. This is one more reason to have a plan in place with an attorney familiar with the law.

Many fines can be reduced or forgiven in some circumstances when the driver is willing to appear in court.

There are many good reasons to invest in a good program that provides CDL drivers with an attorney for their work. Their ability to stand up to the hazards of the road should be about good driving instead of paperwork and tickets. For more information and help on the above, you can reach out to reputable places like LegalShield.


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