When and How Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?


Personal injury is one of the most common types of lawsuits filed in the United States. People are confused about what type of cases are regarded as personal injury and are eligible for compensation. When a personal injury occurs due to the third party’s negligence, the sufferer or the victim gets compensation. But who is liable to pay the compensation needs to be figured out.

When and How Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A trusted Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will assist you in filing a lawsuit and guide you regarding your legal case. Pedestrian accidents, premise liability, worksite accidents, car accidents, dog bites, and product liability are some of the most common types of personal injury cases recorded in Los Angeles.

Below is detailed information on why you must file a lawsuit for personal injury.

When and Why Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Every state in America has different laws regarding personal injury cases. There is a fixed duration in which you need to file a lawsuit. Otherwise, you do not get any compensation for it. As for California, the term is set to two years. So, even if you don’t immediately reach an attorney to get their help, you still have two years tenure to get compensation.

Technically, if you have two years, you should not wait until the end time to take legal action. If a person is injured on a worksite, the respective organization is responsible for paying the medical expenses, salary, and wages. If the victim dies on the spot or at the hospital, the family gets compensation for loss of life.

But who decides what is the justified compensation amount? It would be best if you appointed an attorney who will do the job of guiding you. An experienced Los Angeles attorney supports your case with proper research and proof. They will represent their client at all times, right from the time of being appointed. They will deal with insurance companies, attorneys, court authorities, and collect evidence, evaluate losses and write a plea to compensate for the losses.

When Should You Accept Insurance Compensation for a Personal Injury?

Before arriving at a conclusion, it is better to discuss it with a professional Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. It is because the insurance company avoids giving you the actual value for your suffering. They do not have the best interest, and therefore, an attorney will never suggest you settle an insurance claim unless they think it is justified for the loss and sufferings.

Factors that Decides Your Compensation Amount

The compensation amount depends on various factors like:

  • Future expenditure to treat your injury.
  • The loss of wages and salary you have had to bear.
  • Any expense made to fix the damage of your assets.
  • Medical bills for any clinic visits, surgery costs, medicines, and additional equipment.

The attorney will put pressure on the responsible party to provide you with maximum compensation so that you don’t feel the need to spend from your pocket at any point.

To find a good and responsible attorney in Los Angeles, you should do a quick research and prepare a list of attorneys who have positive feedback. The last thing you want is to hire an incapable lawyer who can’t get you results. So, take your time and consult confident lawyers to help you fight a decent legal battle.


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