Get The Right Fit: Tips To Adjust Longines Watches Strap


Longines produces high-quality Swiss-made quartz and mechanical timepieces. They are among the most prominent ones available, but they are reasonably priced in comparison to many other brand names. They come with a two-year warranty, which is still the international standard in the luxury watch sector. They also produce a large number of automatic watches, battery-powered and some manual wind watches. Their watches are very reasonably priced when in comparison to most luxury watch brands, and they create awesome options at a fraction of the cost of many other watchmakers with analogous or similar attributes. To perfectly fit with the Longines watches, here are some of the tips in deploying and adjusting the strap or bracelet.

Get The Right Fit: Tips To Adjust Longines Watches Strap

How to adjust watch strap Longines?

The rubber straps of the Longines watches are guaranteed to provide outstanding water and wear resistance, superb mechanical structure, very good resistance to forceful and harsh temperatures, unrivaled suppleness, and softness to the touch, hi-tech product, top-tier quality, and hand-finished.

By pressing on the bars, you can remove the two covers that cover the clasp. Wrap the strap around your wrist to get the circumference. The length that fits your wrist is determined by half the number of holes that overlap. As an example, dividing by half yields an even number: Remove two holes from each section if there are eight overlapping holes. When you divide by half, you get an odd number: 14 overlapping holes, half of 14 is 7, remove 4 holes from the strap section at 12 o’clock and 3 holes from the strap section at 6 o’clock

Along with the corresponding graduations, cut. Replace the bars in the strap’s two sections. Connect the sections to the clasp so that the graduations are on the inside, against your skin, and insert the bars into the holes closest to the clasp’s center. Put on your watch. Move the bar to one of the clasp holes for the final modification. If the strap is too lengthy, you can cut another hole in it.

It is recommended, however, that you have the length of your strap adjusted by a Longines agent if necessary, and that you wash your rubber strap with water and soap on a constant schedule, particularly on the inside.

Deployment Buckle

Remove the pin from the hole in the long section of the strap to release the adjusting mechanism. Slip right the mechanism along this long section, then secure it by reinserting the pin into the appropriate hole. In opening the clasp, push the push-pieces on both sides at the same time. Remove the watch from your wrist by opening the clasp and enlarging the bracelet. Slide the long section of the bracelet through the small fixed buckle and wrap it around your wrist. Fold the clasp until it presses into place. Slide the long section through the small mobile buckle if needed.

Choosing Your Longines Collections

1. Elegance

Allow the delights of these Swiss watches to enchant you with their cohesive lines inspired by elegance and sophistication. The enigmatic refinement of these creations can only be compared to the technical precision with which they were made. These timepieces will eloquently involve you to even the most special occasions.

2. Classic

Since its inception, Longines has been known for its classic and modest designs. Perfect, exquisite, evidently descriptive faces and sophisticated shapes enable the true meaning of their timepieces to sparkle through, resulting in a lasting personality that withstands the latest fashion trends. The “Classic” line of timepieces is a collection with wider appeal, available in a variety of models that are all derived from their refined style. They are the pinnacle of timeless creations, embodying the brand’s core values and contributing significantly to Longines’ phenomenal expansion.

3. Watchmaking Tradition

Longines’ watchmaking innovations, whether technical or esthetic, have founded the brand’s winged hourglass as a true emblem of Swiss watchmaking classiness and expertise over the years. This collection’s mechanical watches are the consequence of the brand’s strong history. Even the most discerning individuals will be captivated by the exemplary automatic watches’ character and charm.

4. Sport

Longines sports watches exemplify the brand’s unique relationship with the world of sporting events throughout its antiquity. These designs integrate advancement and complexity, highlighting the Swiss watchmaker’s mission for productivity. Their artistry and incredible technological specifications will bring you throughout the day.

5. Heritage

Longines invented this extraordinary collection as a tribute to the actual eloquence and stylistic of its legendary timepieces. The modification of the past is combined with the extreme accuracy of modern Swiss watchmaking strategies in this collection. You will undoubtedly cherish the allure of these one-of-a-kind automatic watches that flawlessly encapsulate the spirit of the winged hourglass brand.

In A Nutshell

Longines has had many successful collections and even distinct series within these collections throughout its heritage. The company maintains specific constant things, including simple things like the design for the Longines watch strap, hands, or dial. This watchmaker, besides, can create watches that look completely different from one series to the next, even in the same collection.


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