Top Ways to Collect Online Payments


Want to collect your payments online? Now there are lots of options for online payments including large and small. In 2020 and 2021, there was a huge increase in online payments due to pandemics. Now lots of people use their phones for online shopping. For payments, it’s good to have multiple choices. The consumer can choose any of the digital payment methods. Multiple online payment options also increase the customer experience. It makes the payment convenient, you can easily collect your payments. Most of the merchants find online payment a better option than visiting the bank. Online payments are secure and provide various functionality.

Top Ways to Collect Online Payments

Best ways to accept payments online

Technology is growing every day and becoming more convenient. There are many payment accepting methods that are making payments seamless and easy for the customers.

Accepting cards (credit/debit) online

You can enable the payment to accept feature on your website. With this method, your customers can pay directly from their cards. Even in cards, there are several options. It’s necessary to research and then determine which is the best option for the payment on your site. MasterCard, Visa, American Express are the top and mainly accepted cards. Among them, Visa is mostly used in the U.S. for payments. Other than Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are also chiefly used.

Accept eChecks with ACH processing

You can also accept the payment through the bank account with the electronic check using ACH payment options. In this method, the customer has to add information from the check into the online payment form. With this technique, you can make payments electronically without using the actual paper check. This payment process is governed by the National Automated Clearinghouse Association. It has various transaction fees which are mainly lower than credit cards. This method is very quick as you don’t have to wait for a check to arrive via mail. You can immediately get the eCheck which makes it more secure.

Mobile Payments

Using the card, or entering the credit card number can be bothersome. But mobile payments are very simple and quick. Now, most small and big businesses are accepting mobile payment methods. Once the payment gets confirmed, the user will immediately get a payment receipt on his registered email address. Today people often purchase goods directly from mobile devices. With mobile payment, it doesn’t take a minute to confirm the payment. With mobile payments options, managing the customer accounts, sending an invoice, and various other things become easy. Today most people own a Smartphone and many of them use it for online payment. Now a person only requires his phone and he can make a payment anytime anywhere. Most of the costumes find mobile payment more convenient and simple. It is very quick so that customers don’t think twice before purchasing.

Online Payment Gateway

You can add an online payment form and the customers can pay directly on your site. Your regular customers can also create an account to save their payment information. After saving the information, the payment becomes much easier and quicker. You can easily outsource this feature to the companies which are providing online payment services such as hosting payment forms, offering secure payment processing, securing customer account details, etc. Talk to the provider and you can also customize the payment form according to your brand.

Click-to-pay email invoice

If you have a service-based business then you can send a payment invoice by email to your costumes. With the email invoice, the user can make the payments and get a receipt in seconds. You can share the online payment form with the customer via email. It makes the payment more secure and seamless. Many customers don’t prefer other payment methods because there are lots of phishing sites. The click-to-pay method sends the bill via email which looks more secure. Email invoicing is one of the best methods which saves time and provides better security.

Schedule the recurring billing

If you are providing monthly services like online tuition, gyms, child care, etc then use the recurring billing system. With this billing method, you will get your payment on time. Customers also find his method convenient as they don’t have to remember about payment dates. Many people often worry about late payments and dues. With scheduled recurring billing; you and your customers can live without any headaches.

Along with these billing methods, there are also some other ways such as incorporating EVM, online store, integrating payments in custom mobile applications, etc. Your customer can choose any of the methods he prefers and make the payment reliably.


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