Is There a Doctor in the House? 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Medicine


Did you know the Association of American Medical Colleges predicts that by 2034 there will be a shortage of physicians? They estimate that the shortage will be between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians. More than ever, choosing to study medicine can be the right choice.

Is There a Doctor in the House - 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Medicine

Read on to learn about the most important reasons you should consider studying medicine.

1. Studying Medicine Helps Others

When you get a degree in the medical field, you are dedicating yourself to alleviating the pain and suffering of others. Whether you choose to become a doctor or nurse, or whether you prefer to work in a laboratory setting, you will be doing your part to combat illness.

Studying medicine allows you to have a positive impact on the world and on those around you. For people who have a strong sense of compassion, getting medical training can be rewarding.

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2. Varied Career Choices

Getting a medicine degree opens the door to many career options. While some prefer to work as a general practitioner or surgeon, others may want to work with international charities. If you prefer not to be hands-on with patients, you can decide to focus on research and lab work.

For people with strong communication skills, you have the choice of working in public health or in medical journalism. With a medical degree, you can choose the exact career you want.

3. High Salaries and Career Safety

A person with a degree in medicine will have job stability. After graduation, you have a better chance of finding and keeping a job in the field of medicine. Because of the global shortage of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers, studying medicine can ensure you always have a job.

You will have the training and skill that are in high demand. Medical professionals are also in the top five highest-paid professions, with a family doctor making an average of $184,000 a year.

4. Varied Work

Coming to work every day when you work in the medical field will offer variety and challenges. For people who do not want a routine or to have to sit at a desk all day, a career can ensure no two days will be the same. Since medicine is constantly evolving, you get to keep learning every day.

As a doctor or other medical professional, you also get to meet new people on a regular basis.

5. Find Solutions

If you love to find solutions to complex problems, there is no other career path that can offer that chance as much as the medical field. When you get a degree in medicine, you can help find cures and provide research to combat diseases. The practical and intellectual challenges you face in any medical field can provide the stimuli you need to find solutions.

Choose Medicine

Studying medicine is a rewarding challenge that can allow you to help others and to ensure your own job stability.

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