How Chromebooks Are Different From Laptops?


Chromebooks are affordable options when it comes to purchasing laptops. They are the best devices for beginners who do not want to complicate things to operate. They are a special of laptop and are pretty different from the regular notebooks in many aspects.

These laptops run on a different operating system which is the Chrome Operating system (ChromeOS) that gives you a different user experience from MAC OS and Windows.
The Chromebooks first arrived in 2011 and they were not widely accepted due to their limited functionality and low reliability.

How Chromebooks Are Different From Laptops?

Still, today, MAC OS and Windows are the most accepted Operating systems around the globe. So, there might be a question rising in your mind what laptop you should buy Chromebooks or regular notebooks, or how Chromebooks are different from other laptops.

Let’s jump into the differences between Chromebooks and other laptops.

• Operating System:

The major difference between both laptops is the operating system. The Chromebooks operate on the Chrome OS while other laptops are based on some other operating system like Windows, MAC OS, Linux, etc. The Chrome OS relies on internet-based applications and cloud storage. It has a primary user interface.

The Chromebooks have limited internal storage and it away solid state. While the other laptops also support other applications. Their storage can also be increased through SD cards, USB drives, SSD, etc.

• Prices:

Chromebooks are cheaper than regular laptops, the reasons are obvious; versatility, functionality, flexibility, accessibility, and cheaper price range.

Laptops without Chrome OS are pricier due to obvious reasons.

Chromebooks are cheap, you can buy a Chromebook Under $100 price range even, I do not think you can get ever cheaper laptop than this.

The Chromebooks are very simple laptops. They are beginner laptops but even their advanced options are not much expensive as does the regular laptops.

• Boot Time:

The boot time of the Chrome OS is faster than other laptops’ OS. Thanks to its SSD which is designed in such a way to activate limited functions at a time. Due to this, it is faster.

• Simplicity:

The Chromebooks are the simplest laptops due to ti the simplicity of their Chrome OS. If you are a beginner or someone who hasn’t touched a PC yet, then it is the easiest and simple system for you to get hands-on. You just need to go through the system once and you will get used to it easily. It does not complicate things for you like other laptops OS as it functions mostly through Google Chrome.

• Flexibility:

The Chromebooks are less flexible as compared to other laptops. They have a limited user interface, a smaller number of ports, so there is lesser reliability. While, other laptops have various software, functions, applications, ports, multiple other slots, optical drives, and various web browsers. Google Chrome is not a specialty to Chromebooks it can also be reached through other laptops.

However, with the passage of time modifications have been made in the system and operating system of the Chromebooks. They also offer a window -style desktop usage option which makes it a flexible laptop. So, you can use both the Chrome OS and Windows operating systems on one laptop. Moreover, the other laptops are also being introduced with the Chrome apps and you can access the Chrome applications through other operating system laptops as well.

These are the advancements that have been made over the years. They are useful and the difference between the laptops and Chromebooks is being diminished.

• Durability:

Chromebooks are not much durable however other laptops are much more durable than this. The laptops have sturdy frames and keyboards which have been and are used for various purposes like in a computer, industrial, and military fields. The Chromebooks are catching up with the other laptops in many aspects.

• Portability:

The Chromebooks are designed to be thin and light. They have an extremely thin body so they are easy to carry and work with. While the laptops have wider and thicker bodies which makes them heavier too. The low weight of the Chromebooks makes them portable due to which you can easily take them anywhere and everywhere with you.

It allows you to be freehand without any burden. Whether you are traveling on a subway or traveling through planes, the Chromebooks being lighter makes your work easier. You can work while being on board. It becomes a laptop lifestyle.

• Advanced Software:

Many software developers like Microsoft Word, Office, and other software have been introduced in the Chrome OS but they were available in some other OS laptops by default in their BIOS. These Software companies are also developing Chrome-compatible software and applications that can easily be run on the Chrome OS.

In these times, Chromebooks can also run Android apps which has made them more versatile than before. This could help them reach the level of other laptops in terms of software.

• Battery Life:

The Chrome operating system is minimalistic so they can run for several hours in one charge however other laptops have more battery timing than the Chromebook. They can run for 5 to 12 hours on a single charge even after having heavier software and operating systems. Both have good battery timing but still, Chromebook’s lack behind battery timing than the laptops.

Final Conclusion:

Both laptops, the Chromebooks and laptops without Chrome OS are similar and different in many ways. They have their advantages and disadvantages depending upon your preferences. The above-mentioned differences are just to make your concepts clear about how the Chromebooks are different from the other laptops. It would also help you in making the right purchase for yourself if you are looking to buy a decent Chromebook or some other laptop for yourself. We hope all this information will be beneficial and has cleared the lines between the Chromebooks and other laptops.


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