Microsoft Bans The Crypto Mining On The Online Services Without Permission


Recently an article was published in CoinDesk regarding the Crypto Mining bans on online services. One of the biggest companies Microsoft shared a new policy update about crypto mining. Without prior written permission, the company won’t allow its costumes to mine cryptocurrency on its services.

Microsoft Bans The Crypto Mining On The Online Services Without Permission

According to the new Microsoft Update “Neither customer nor those that access Online Service through Customer, may use the Online Service to mine crypto without Microsoft’s prior written approval.”

Microsoft didn’t share more details about the ban. But in its cloud platform Azure, the company said that crypto mining is prohibited in all online services as certain actions are required to secure the partner ecosystem.

Well, Amazon is not the first big company that has banned crypto mining. Google has similar policies where mining is prohibited without prior written permission. Last year Google quoted that most malicious actors have used compromised cloud accounts for crypto mining. Earlier this year, Google added a mining malware threat detection service for the compromised accounts. Amazon’s AWS also prohibits cryptocurrency mining for its 12-month free trial. Customers who chose to mine on AWS may have their accounts suspended or may have to pay a fee.

Earlier in 2022, Minecraft (A Microsoft-owned video game) banned NFT from the game to ensure that its players have a safe and inclusive experience.


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