All About Startup Landing Page


As a startup company, you might be pretty concerned that your good website with a lot of pages and creative design is everything that you need to capture and hold the client. And what will bring them to your website? To be sure, a startup landing page is what you need to boost your traffic. And yes, this is not the home page as the majority of startup companies might think of. This is your magic wand for bringing new customers. Although creating a startup landing page is quite a difficult and comprehensive process, its results are worth the effort. So what are we waiting for? Let’s discover another powerful source of making your conversion rate higher and higher!

All About Startup Landing Page

Landing Page VS Home Page

As aforementioned, the home page is often confused with a startup landing page. But these two pages pursue different goals. When speaking about a landing page, it can be defined as your marketing letter. It’s like a short squeeze with a specific offer for a specific audience that should lead customers to your home page. On a landing page, you don’t add the navigation as it is a separate and independent page. Mostly, customers appear at a startup landing page from ads or other sources. In the matter of a home page, this is a part of your website. The home page has navigation to other pages of your website. There is no single goal on the home page. It drives people from different sources and has many links.

What Are the Essential Elements of a Good Startup Landing Page?

As the landing page has to make more leads, it should meet many criteria. It can’t be just a page with the product description and an offer to buy it. Your startup landing page should call visitors to take action. Therefore, the information placed on the page should be motivating. Meet the following elements when creating your startup landing page.

Strong Message

The headline of the landing page should be clear, strong, and informative. This is the main message of the page so it has to stand out. With this one message, you should capture the user’s attention and arouse their curiosity. Work on this message a lot to make it powerful. It should be readable and simple to perceive so you can add some subheadings to share the whole idea.

Special Offer

A startup landing page’s main purpose is to turn users’ attention to a unique selling proposition. You should highlight why this offer is useful, why should they buy it, and why buy it just right now. Focus your attention in this proposal on what the user can get, ie what benefits this purchase will bring him.

Creative Design

Since the landing page is your business card, it should be as attractive as possible. Therefore, you have to work on the visual side. It shouldn’t be just text with the offer. Add to your page images and videos. Show them how exactly they can make use of your offer. Be sure that video content is better perceived by users than photos or texts.

Customers’ Positive Feedback

Right on your startup landing page, show that people love your services! Visitors who get interested in your offer want to be sure that the product they are buying is the best. So you have to prove it. And the best way to say it is to show the real feedback. Put on the landing page your customers’ testimonials and positive comments. That will extremely raise the users’ credibility and chances to bring more leads.


All your work done before should result in users’ clicking of the call-to-action button. This element has to be huge and easy to notice. People should not be confused about how to get your product. With the CTA button, you should provide an easy user journey. When designing CTA, use contrastive colors and powerful words that will increase visitors’ desire to buy it.

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Startup Landing Page?

As startups are very fresh on the market and full of motivation, they should not waste a chance to declare themselves. And this intention can be done with a good landing page. See other benefits that make creating a landing page an essential part of any successful business.

It Increases Conversion

Business is always about conversion. The final purpose of its comprehensive process is to have good revenue. And your landing page is a direct accelerator of your conversion rate. It can drive even 25% more to your conversions! And it is completely clear why people want to visit landing pages. Unlike searching for a product, its cost, and the description on your website, users can see everything in one place on a landing page.

It Develops Your Ad Campaign

When you launch your ad campaign with Facebook ads, Google banners, social media, it is more efficient to directly drive people to an offer than to your website. Thus people who follow the link should not look for anything as it is already formulated on one landing page. It is also easier to see which ads bring more users and then focus more on the specific one.

It Gives You Freedom

Let’s say you want to change something in your design. In the case of a website, you need to adapt all the pages to a single design, which requires a lot of time and effort. And with one landing page, it’s a little easier. It is also often the case that a website is owned by several parties, and permission must be obtained from all participants before changing anything on it. But not in the case of a landing page where you can test everything you want.

Concluding Words About Startup Landing Page

Landing pages can be a perfect way to increase the number of target audiences for startups. The better you make, the higher is the chance to drive your conversions. Play with your landing pages and what works best for you to boost your traffic and leads.


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