Skyrocket Your Website Conversions: 6 Hacks to Grab


If you have an online business, the best way to get more clients is to drive more traffic to it. But traffic is only as good as it converts into sales and revenue for the business.

It’s good to have a professionally designed website. But if you can’t convince the users to take action, you won’t monetize traffic. That’s why we are here to give you some basic tactics that will get people to visit your website. They will also get enough information on the site and feel comfortable filling out that contact form.

This article will help you to skyrocket your conversions. It’s especially important if you’ve had a website for a while but hasn’t seen the results.

Tips to Help You Skyrocket Your Conversions

We have started the last half of 2022 and let me tell you that your business needs more than a simple website. Because there is no other way you’ll boost traffic in the digital market landscape. Get ahead of the competition by using the following hacks. They will help you create an interactive and attractive website.

1. Simplify the Navigation

Adding a link to every notable page or resource on your navigation bar can be tempting. But will doing so boost the number of clicks to these pages? It will.

Even so, having a lot of choices on the navigation bar can also mess it up by distracting visitors. This then minimizes the chances of users clicking on the links that are supposed to send them to important pages for conversions.

Having fewer choices on your navigation bar makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for. The position of your navigation bar is vital to conversion rates. Navigation bars placed in the header of your site convert more compared to those on the sidebars.

2. Video Backgrounds

If you remember the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, well, a video tells the whole story. While talking about web design hacks, video backgrounds must come to mind. That’s because compared to images and texts, videos are more compelling.

According to website design and development NYC experts, social media platforms like Instagram are good examples of sites that use videos to tell a story. It’s also a great trend for your website to achieve success. The compelling videos will make it easy to engage with your clients as soon as they visit your website.

After watching the videos, visitors will want to spend a few more minutes on the website. This will also help your business with better search engine optimization. A short muted video in the background gives your website a modern look.

Micro animations are also a good website design hack that you can use. They provide an intuitive experience to website visitors as they browse. This also enables them to know what actions they should take on your website.

3. Take Advantage of the Navigation Space

Positive space is the space occupied by the different elements in web design. The unused spaces are referred to as negative spaces or white spaces.

During web design, amateur web designers will cram as much as they can into the little space offered by pages. This action causes noise, making it hard for your offers to stand out.

Very little negative space improves the cognitive load. As a result, a lot of visitors will leave to another site. So you must ensure that you have as much negative space as possible. This enables elements like calls-to-action and links to important pages to stand out.

To increase the white space on your website, you can do the following:

  • Utilizing lists and bullet points when necessary
  • Creation of shorter paragraphs
  • Make use of media such as images to break up your text

4. Utilize High-Quality Visuals

Human beings are visual learners, which makes it easy for them to retain information when it’s in a visual form. Such information includes videos and images.

Thus, if you intend to increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site, you have to use videos and images. And just like images and other graphic media, quality is also important. Note that site visitors will pay more attention to images with relevant information. They prefer that to generic images that don’t add value.

So you must avoid selecting stock photos to use during web design. Instead, begin asking yourself whether the quality is good enough to attract a visitor. To get high-quality visuals, consider seeking the services of a website designing agency. Alternatively, you can hire a photographer for better images.

A professional web designer can create any type of image or video content. And the results will outperform any stock imagery you can get on the internet.

Getting a web designer from freelance sites is very affordable. However, it puts you at risk of receiving low-quality visuals. This is due to the low barrier to entry into such sites. It leaves room for amateur designers to work there.

That’s why it’s better to hire a web designer from a reputable web design company. It will cost you more but it will increase your website conversion rates.

5. Use the Rule of Thirds

This rule is a design principle brought into the web design world from print. It helps in determining the best areas to place content on the web page.

To know the rule of thirds, you can mentally draw a tic-tac-toe grid on your webpage. This will divide the page into thirds both vertically and horizontally. The four corners of the center square are the best locations for content such as headers and calls-to-action.

6. Social Media Posts

Social media platforms are great ways of notifying subscribers that you have a new blog post. The posts will act as a catalyst between the audience and your blog’s conversion rates.

Creating posts that give your audience a hint about the new blog post will make them start reading your posts. Below are some practices that will help you do this in the right manner:

  • Use hashtags. There’s no reason why you should deny yourself the extra traffic.
  • Use attractive images and the type of text that creates hype on social media posts
  • Get an ideal social media platform to promote your blog posts. Consider platforms with most of your target audience.
  • Know the right engagement time for every social media platform. Remember that different platforms have different engagement timing.

Doing this will enable you to drive consistent blog traffic.


After learning about the hacks that will help in skyrocketing conversions, it’s time to take action. Go back to your website and find the elements that need to be improved.

Then invest your resources and time into those areas. If you can’t do it yourself, contact a New York web design agency to help you. They will redesign your website in a manner that drives conversions.


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