Is Remote Working Taking A Toll On Your Eyes: What Experts Say


When the concept of work from home first commenced, we were all excited for this little work vacation that we would be enjoying—waking up just at the eleventh hour and ditching all the formal uniforms.

Is Remote Working Taking A Toll On Your Eyes: What Experts Say

Of course, at that time, the longevity of the concept was relatively unknown to us. But, eventually, weeks turn into months, turn into years.

Maybe that’s why they say too much of anything is not good.

Soon we started to see all the opposing sides of work from home. Being clumped inside the same four walls and attending long-hour meetings made us even miss the chaotic commutes we so heavily despised before.

But keeping aside the mental torture of monotony, we can also see the impact of remote working on our physical health.

Talk about your eyes, for instance. Is it straining your eyes? Let’s hear it from experts.

Is Remote Working Taking A Toll On Your Eyes?

If this is your question, then probably you are already suffering from some eye irritation or vision disturbance from your retinas being in constant exposure to the computer light.

The answer to this question is an absolute yes. We have expert statements and statistics to back this up.

A recent survey discovered that among an entire team of workers posted remotely, 38%, which is almost one-third of the population; suffered from worsened eyesight.

This is the worst-case scenario; however, at least 20% of people have reported the same issue in many other work-from-home surveys. So, a regular eye check-up is necessary. To know more, you can visit

Eye Strain

This is not a simple problem of tired eyes after a long day. Some people have even reported blurry vision, and red eyes post retaining a focus on the screen for hours.

Now, a very interesting question that is asked often,

Why are the same problems not faced when working in an office location when the workload remains the same? The valid and straightforward explanation for this is,


We always have various activities in an office surrounding, which forces us to look up from the screen and not to mention the mandatory lunch break.

However, at home, we rarely even consume our meals in time. Instead, we prefer sending that last-minute mail. As a result, we expose our eyes to an insane amount of pressure without the proper precautions.

Even the long meetings are happening in front of a giant screen as opposed to facing each other physically. Therefore, the constant consumption of ‘blue light’ can even cause disturbance in the vision scale, damaging your perfect eyesight.

People With Migraine Having It Worse

Although migraine is essentially a splitting headache, it actually originates from your eyes. People who suffer from it can have the nerves around their eyes hyperactivated, which is essentially caused by a harmful consumption of those electronic lights.

As a result, it causes severe migraine attacks and even pain around the eye muscles.

It is often said that remote working should increase productivity since the time is given for commuting and unnecessary breaks are being cut and, controversially, the comfort is also being increased.

However, with serious health issues like this, people are seeing decreased productivity since our vision is an essential ingredient of efficient work.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Them

The organizations are speedily trying to reopen the offices to resume full-fledged on-location work. Additionally, they are recognizing these severe problems and finding ways to combat them.

However, it is still a long way to go; hence you can practice some precautionary measures as advised by experts that can ease the pressure on your eyes.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is a crucial part of your working hours, especially for your physical and mental health. However, taking breaks during remote working doesn’t mean to an unhealthy extent; neither should it be commenced when your eyes are already feeling the strain.

You should make a habit of looking away from your screen every twenty minutes for at least twenty to thirty seconds minimum. Refrain from using other electronics during this time.

Blue Light Glasses

Visit your oculist and invest in a good pair of blue light lenses or glasses that will protect your retinas from the harmful rays of the screen during extended hours.

Also, get regular eye check-ups.

Eye Drops

Dry eyes are also a side effect of remote working. Apply eye drops to moisten your retinas at a regular interval.

To End It

Having recurring troubles with your eyes is not just a sign of constant stress. It can also be a telling side effect of a severe eye condition or vision problem. Combating this at the earliest is the safest option for you.

Remember, no problem is a simple problem when it comes to your eyes. Therefore, visit your eye doctor today.


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