5 Best CPA Review Courses of 2021


The accounting profession is very competitive, and acquiring a certified public account certificate is vital while looking for a job in this field. However, passing the CPA exam is very hard for most people, so undertaking a CPA review course is very important. Below are some of the best CPA courses, together with their features.

5 Best CPA Review Courses of 2021

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA review is ranked among the best CPA review courses worldwide, and it guarantees that you will pass your CPA examination. This particular course offers you unlimited exposure to basic accounting. It gives you access to accounting revision questions and tutorials that will take you through the various sections of the CPA exam.

Additionally, unlike other CPA review courses, Becker CPA offers you stimulated exams through which you can gauge your speed and knowledge of CPA before the main exam. Moreover, their exam covers all the sections of the CPA, ensuring that you are very knowledgeable by the time you take the CPA exam.

Surgent CPA Review

It is an upcoming course that ensures you pass the CPA examination by equipping you with the right knowledge and tools to pass. It equips students by exposing them to accounting video lectures, live webinars, and examinations simulations. Moreover, it is very flexible, meaning you can undertake the course without altering your daily schedule.

The surgent course is also very customer friendly such that it can refund your cash within the first fifteen days of trial. Additionally, the surgent course is known for its advanced technology that allows you to determine the most crucial topics which require the most attention. This helps save time and channel your strength towards the weak sections, thus guaranteeing your examination success.

Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA comes third in the ranking of CPA review courses. It’s mainly known for its large CPA test bank, which effectively builds confidence as you prepare for the CPA exam. Gleim also offers you relevant accounting lecture notes through their lecturers-led tutorials that review the various sections of CPA.

Gleim CPA is very affordable, based on the various prices that other CPA courses are currently charging. However, it is associated with various limitations, including overloading students with too much information and poor-quality videos. You can also find out more about certified public accountants follow here.

Roger CPA Review

Most professionals in the accounting field associate the Roger course with its use of funny and engaging lectures, which makes learning accounting very interesting. Its uniqueness is also depicted in its ability to suit the learners’ needs by providing diverse learning modes.

It caters to all types of learners, including visual and hearing learners. For example, if you are a student who understands more as you listen, this CPA course review provides you with audio lecture notes. Additionally, there are also videos and thousands of practice questions to familiarize you with all accounting concepts.

One of the main advantages of Roger CPA is that it ensures that you can give full attention to the CPA examination. If you have difficulties understanding accounting concepts, you can consider acquiring this review as it guarantees absolute attention through very interesting and engaging lectures.

Ninja CPA Review

It’s also among the most affordable courses you can undertake at your convenience, offering you the best exposure to accounting exams and tests. One of its strongholds is its ability to predict and focus on areas your CPA examination is likely to cover. Exposure to accounting helps ensure that you do not spend your energy on areas that won’t be tested or even carry lesser weight in the examination.

Ninja CPA offers a 30-day fund return policy where learners can return, have a trial using the package, and get their money refunded if they are uncomfortable using the policy. This gesture of goodwill has helped increase its credibility, reputation, and market share in the market.

Passing your CPA exam has never been this easier. Through the use of Becker, Gleim surgent, roger, and ninja CPA course review, you can successfully maneuver through your CPA exam. The courses ensure you have the right accounting knowledge to take your CPA exam by offering you up-to-date lecture notes, stimulated exams, and thousands of problems to solve and increase your speed before the exam.


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