How to Purchase a Home Using VA Loans and Skip Tracing?


The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has offered their Veterans, Service Members, and Surviving Spouses a special offer. That department provides a VA Loan to them. And this loan can help a Veteran purchase a new home, maintain a previously purchased home, and get a discount on interest rates. This loan has 4 types, and each type has a different benefit. You can benefit a lot from this loan if you know its usage process. Getting information about this loan is easy, but finding a property that qualifies for this loan is difficult.

This article will remove your difficulties. Veterans can quickly get a loan, but they need to know which property will qualify for their loan. We’ll get help from Skip Tracers to do this task. Be satisfied, and don’t get distracted because we’ll share the entire pattern of finding qualifying properties through Skip Tracers because this article is meant to cover this topic. We’ll discuss the whole process with VA Loan requirements to cover everything. So let’s start this article with no further delays.

How To Find Qualifying Home For VA Loans Through Skip Tracers?

Finding a home that gets pre-approval from a lender is simple if you have acted upon the requirements. The Veterans can need help executing this step because of the lower limits in the VA Loans. Properties for VA Loans need to be qualified because numerous Veterans make the mistake of finding a property whose price exceeds the limit. Stay calm if you are one of those Veterans who need to memorize about discovering the right property.

Here’s how you can do this. It would be best if you connected with any Skip Tracing Services Provider. Finding and working with these agencies is very effortless because many are performing operations within the US. Agency selection depends on your demand and country. The US Veterans must use this website to find qualifying properties. That website’s name is Lert Skip Tracing. And it is the best network for buyers thinking about buying homes through home loan schemes.

Finding multiple properties that qualify for VA Loans will be fine when considering Skip Tracing as your output. Here’s how to find qualifying properties by taking help from Skip Tracers.

  1. Contact a Skip Tracing Agency
  2. Order Them To Share 5 Qualifying Properties
  3. Take Contact Details of Homeowners

These are the 3 steps you must take to find the best qualifying properties quickly. Getting pre-approval for those properties will be fine because Skip Tracers are also in contact with lenders. They have offered this service to numerous other home buyers. So Veterans can feel satisfied if they are taking help from Skip Tracers. Here’s how you can work with Skip Tracers. We’ve mentioned Lert Skip Tracing, but you can also work with other agencies.

Contact a Skip Tracing Agency

Veterans must contact any Skip Tracing agency and send them an email. Write everything to them. Some Veterans don’t mention the amount they want to borrow, but this is a big mistake. It would be best if you informed Skip Tracers of the amount you will borrow from the lenders. They will only be able to pitch suitable properties if you share your loan amount. Never make this mistake and write everything in that email. Also, mention the area where you want to buy that property. That’s how you will find a qualifying property with ease.

Order Them To Share 5 Qualifying Properties

The 2nd mistake is ordering a single qualifying property. You can’t win like this because lenders can reject a single property easily. You must order Skip Tracers to look for at least 5 qualifying properties of your type. You won’t face problems if 1 property gets rejected because you have 4 other options to try your luck. You can show another property to your lender if the 1st property gets denied. Plus, the money you pay to Skip Tracers is almost the same. They will feel comfortable after showing 5 properties because finding 1 target will be difficult for them. So always try your luck in 5 multiple properties.

Take Contact Details of Homeowners

The last step is to take the homeowner’s contact details. You must do this to email the homeowner one last time. Here’s why:

Suppose the Skip Tracers have shared the contact details of any homeowner. Commonly they share the homeowner’s current address, email, and phone number. You can’t reach out to the homeowner’s current address. You can only send an email or call them on their phone number. That’s the last thing you must do. Ask the homeowner if he is willing to sell his property or not. Some homeowners want to avoid getting involved in such deals. So it is recommended to ask them one last time before entering the pre-approval process.

That’s how you can find a qualifying property through Skip Tracers, but this continues. Completing several other tasks is still left. And pre-approval comes first in this.

Get Pre-Approval From Your Lender

This step is ultimately necessary to complete. You have 5 properties to show to your lender. Getting pre-approval from your lender will be easy because you still have 4 other properties to pitch to your lender. So don’t worry if your property gets rejected in the pre-approval phase. You still have 4 different options to try your luck. And Skip Tracers are more professional. Most properties highlighted by Skip Tracers quickly get pre-approval because they have the expertise in this work. Also, they have good contacts with homeowners having such properties. So no worries from your end.

Borrow The Loan

It is time to borrow the loan once you have found a qualifying property and got pre-approval from your lender. A veteran only needs the average credit score or a single on-time rental payment. The demanded number is 580, but lenders have confidence in the US Department of Veteran Affairs. They approve a Veteran’s loan if he can’t show a 580 credit score. The only thing a Veteran needs to share is an on-time rental payment if he is weaker in the credit scores area.

Purchase The Property After Getting Your Loan Approved

The last step is to purchase the property when your loan gets approved. This step seems easy, but it is challenging. You’ll have to move your necessary items from one house to another. This thing costs money. People hire Movers and Packers to get this job done, but this costs money. So easy steps are only taken for you once you have moved to a new house with everything in it.


So that was the entire process of Purchasing a Home Using VA Loans and Skip Tracing. We’ve highlighted every necessary thing to help you understand the whole scenario. You can contact us if you need help with this topic. We’d love to help you as we help our readers with every article. Talking about properties is our hobby, and you can give us joy by dropping property-related questions in our website’s comments section. So that’s all for now. Keep hunting for your next dream home!


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