Essentials of a Construction Website Design in Vancouver, WA


Vancouver still boasts a construction boom, even with several impacts up and down the construction pipeline due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The city is forecast to have at least 4,500 new constructions added to the downtown area by 2027.

You may be a commercial or residential construction business in Vancouver. But to stand out as a winner in such a cutthroat market, a solid digital presence is required, which is possible with a custom-designed business website. Reputed specialists in web design Vancouver WA, offer the best custom-created website solutions that can take your construction business to the next level.

Essentials of a Construction Website Design in Vancouver, WA

Here are the top elements these experts consider as essentials of your construction website design in Vancouver, WA.

A User-centric Navigation

With Vancouver experiencing a significant housing market boom, the city set a record of issuing about 65% more single-family construction permits during 2020.

So, to make your offerings appealing to such a massive customer base, your website should be able to keep them there for a longer duration. Your website’s navigation is critical to make your site visitors read your website content to know your services and convert into your customers.

Experts in web designing offer customizable WordPress themes, where you may have your site design tailor-made for clients looking to invest in new construction projects. They streamline your navigation to reflect the top priorities.

Fast and Highly Responsive Theme

While the median age of the people in Vancouver is 36.9, about 55% of the population is between 18 to 65.

Typically, a young crowd like this would desire everything to be fast, even while hunting for a new property online. Thus, if your construction company’s site does not load quickly, you will lose leads. Therefore, the speed of your website and its responsiveness are essential for creating an impact on your site visitors.

Experts in web design in Vancouver, WA, offer customizable themes that are highly responsive and mobile-friendly. They work on optimizing aspects such as compressing image size to improve your page load speed.

SEO-friendly Web Design

While Vancouver has about seven highly-reputed commercial construction firms, you will find nearly 570 home construction contractors online.

When you have so many competitors, a search engine optimized website can ensure that local clients become more aware of your company and consider engaging your services for their construction projects as well.

Leading professionals use website design themes, with customizable content and fast load speed, for your website. This helps your construction business to rank high on search engine results when customers perform online searches, focusing on specific geographic locations.

Obvious Conversion Points

The Waterfront Vancouver has turned into the focal point of development in the downtown area.

If you want your construction company to have a solid foothold in such promising regions, it should have clear call-to-action steps for your site visitors.

Skilled experts include unobtrusive but visible calls to action in the website design, such as filling out a lead qualifying form that your prospects don’t miss. It is critical, as this feature creates effective conversion points, changing your site visitors into loyal customers.

Consult A Professional

Vancouver shifted to an online permit system in 2019, making a more effortless adjustment for construction projects within the city limits. With the industry booming at such a rapid rate, investing in creating a place for your company in the marketplace through effective online marketing strategies is crucial.

Consult a web design expert to have all the essentials your clients look for in a construction business website. Rest assured, with a dynamic web presence, you can make the most out of the opportunities available in the Vancouver construction industry in no time.


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