3 Popular 70s TV Shows and Why They Were Successful


The 70s were gnarly, dude!

With the swinging 60s left to the history books, the 70s brought on cultural, technological, and political changes. It was a powerhouse decade when it came to pop culture.

The 70s gave us classic movies, memorable music and many great TV shows.

3 Popular 70s TV Shows and Why They Were Successful

There were many excellent 70s TV shows in all genres: comedy, drama, and action series, among others. Read all about some of them here and what made them so successful.

Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O was an action-packed detective show based in Hawaii that ran from 1968-1980. The tv pop-culture classic even inspired a reboot in 2010! Here’s what made it one of the most popular 70s TV shows!

Hawaiian Location

Who isn’t captivated by the tropical landscapes of Hawaii? The island of Oahu made for a perfect backdrop to the detective series with eye-catching scenes set amongst palm trees, beautiful beaches, lush valleys, and breaking waves.

Cast Members

The main reason for the show’s success was the solid, charismatic Hawaii Five O Cast.

Among the main characters of the show was the respected Detective Captain Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, and Kono. These memorable characters brought the show to life and kept it going for 12 seasons!

Gripping Action

Hawaii Five-O was centered around the criminal activity on Oahu. The tough-as-nails police crew would spend every episode searching for dangerous criminals, facing intense explosions, perilous descents, car chases and epic combat scenes.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a hilarious sitcom centered around charming Mary, a single, working woman who takes on a job at a TV station. The show delighted viewers from 1970 to 1977.

Here’s what people loved about it!

Changing Culture

Many TV shows in the 70s took on the cultural issues of the time—especially the advancing women’s rights movements. Mary’s character represented the many women who were beginning to enter the workforce in the 70s.

Workplace Family

While Mary didn’t have a traditional family of her own, she grew to love her colleagues and workplace family. The people she worked with became a family to her and they went through life’s ups and downs together.

Little House on the Prairie

In the 70s, many families would make it a weekly event to gather around the TV and watch Little House on the Prairie! The show, set in the 1800s, revolved around the Ingalls family Minnesota farm life and the challenges they faced.

It was one of the most popular TV shows of the 70s, running from 1974-1983. Here’s why it was such a beloved show!

Back In Time

Little House on the Prairie took us on a time-travel adventure back over a century. The show gave us a snapshot of their hardships of the time but also the landscapes, wagons and fashions!

70s TV Shows

The 70s were a rockin’ decade for TV! With so many great 70s TV shows to choose from, there was something to entertain everyone.

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