Hints on Solving Sudoku Puzzle


Sudoku is a game of logic. When you’ve learned what the rules are, you’ll have an easy time playing the game. The secret of the game is to notice patterns, to spot connections between the numbers in the puzzle so that you can use those connections to deduce what the numbers must be.

Hints on Solving Sudoku Puzzle

Like most puzzles, the first time you play the game, it takes a while before you realize how they work. But Sudoku is more complicated than most because it challenges you to spot connections at all stages. Once you’ve solved the first level, there are still two more levels of logic to penetrate before you can solve “the real Sudoku.”

What Not To Do While Playing Sudoku

When you play Sudoku, don’t try to fit the numbers in the box. The puzzle is not about finding the numbers; it’s about filling in the empty squares.

For a puzzle to work, there must be some way of getting from one square to another that doesn’t involve going through any of the numbers. And it must be clear to you that this method works and does not violate some mathematical idea, like the commutative law for addition or something. For example, if you move clockwise around a square by inserting an “x” in any position, then it shouldn’t matter what you put in the corner.

If you’re stuck on an odd-numbered row and there are spaces on either side of it, then you should insert an “x” at any place except at the corner since there are now two opposite corners occupied by numbers, inserting an “x” at one of them will get you out of trouble.

Can Young Gamers Play Sudoku?

The rules of Sudoku are so simple that anyone can learn them, no matter how young or old. But it’s a fact that it requires a bit of mental acuity and concentration. These qualities, together with learning the rules, will help young gamers improve their gaming skills.

However, to some extent, the Sudoku puzzle has some degree of difficulty. The difficulty of Sudoku comes from the fact that it’s hard to figure out what kind of clues must go into each square in order to make the answer possible. You must have a feeling for patterns. Furthermore, you must understand the rules well enough to see what makes it work.

In a nutshell, the Sudoku puzzle involves several steps of solving a sequence of puzzles that seem impossible. But it turns out that in practice, it isn’t so hard.

Key Takeaway

The puzzles are tougher than they look. The main problem is that some numbers can be used more than once, and some can’t. To get the right solution, you sometimes have to put in two clues, one for each possible number. If your numbers are mostly 1s and 9s, there are lots of possibilities, and it’s hard to figure out what they are without lots of trial and error.

But the computer does all the work for you automatically. A computer will work out all possibilities as long as you indicate which ones you’ve already tried and ignored. That way, if you run into one that looks impossible, you know it’s just a trick question and not something genuinely wrong with the puzzle-solving procedure itself.


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