Things to Consider When Exploring Shin Guard Options for MMA or Muay Thai


If you enroll yourself in Muay Thai or MMA training, a time will come requiring you to throw kicks, defend them, and do both simultaneously. Hence, you have to stay prepared for this. That means you will need to train rigorously but safely. Kicks stand for power and the potential to devastate an opponent. That’s why building strength while protecting them is your responsibility. Like other equipment, shin guards also come in various forms and shapes. Each design has logic. For instance, traditional shin guards cover up to the knee area. The grappling shin guards offer support for the calf, and hybrid models look after all the aspects of the training.

Understanding MMA and Muay Thai training needs

In Muay Thai, you must be better than your opponent at kicking. You have to break your competitor’s defense to emerge stronger. Your knee and elbow will contact your opponent’s shin guard during this. If you have enough protection, you can attack without worrying about injury. Otherwise, this highly combinative sport will have your feet, toes, shins, knees, and elbows at risk. You can use the same shin guards as Muay Thai for mixed martial arts because the movements are similar here.

Choosing shin guards forMMA and Muay Thai training

You can look around Revgear shin guards for some ideas. You must pick something that provides sufficient and reliable coverage for your feet. Otherwise, the small bones will be susceptible to injuries and damage. The padding on the foot and shin has to be appropriate to ensure ease of movement while safeguarding them. Most shin guards typically contain hard padding on the shin bone. Also, the padding should reach up to the kneecap, exposing it. But it should cover the shin bone properly to avoid bruising and pain. Choose a shin guard made with gel technology and layers of foam, if possible. Their shock-dispersing ability will protect your shin from the powerful kick’s impact. Also, it should take care of the ankle without restricting its motion.

Shin guards with thick Velcro straps can be more reliable. At the same time, they should stay firmly in their place, and strap style plays a significant role. When you check a shin guard, you must check the position of the strap. It should be at least an inch down from the knee to avoid the issue of digging at the joint. You would also want to pay attention to the ankle area for the same reason. Also, the moisture-wicking property of the material is another consideration. Else, the guard will spin and move from its place when you kick.

All combat sports involve your body, putting it at risk of bruises, scrapes, and other injuries. With equipment like shin guards, you can practice your favorite sports or fitness routine without stress. As mentioned, these come in many shapes. Your focus should be on the design that promises to protect your shin bone at any cost with lower or no injury risks. Buying from a trustworthy store can be a good idea to secure a fair, quality deal. Just check your budget once before shopping.


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