A Guide to Buying Ford Explorer in Wichita


The Ford Explorer is a family-sized sport utility vehicle (SUV) in production since the early 1990s.

Many SUV enthusiasts and families alike have enjoyed this vehicle for decades and for a good reason, too: it’s safe reliable. It has plenty of space for everyone and everything you’d like to take with you on your outdoor adventures.

A Guide to Buying Ford Explorer in Wichita

According to reports, car owners in Wichita pay a monthly rate of about $71, while SUV owners typically pay around $63 per month.

But buying a Ford Explorer in Wichita is a challenging task. Buyers should consider various factors to make an informed decision.

The following article will explain things you need to take into account when looking for a Ford Explorer for sale in Wichita.

1) Check the Dealer’s Reputation

Begin by checking the dealer’s reputation. You can easily do this online, simply by typing search terms like “Wichita Ford dealers” or “Wichita Ford Explorer.”

You should find out if the particular dealer is appropriately licensed to sell cars in Wichita and whether they are involved in any lawsuits or complaints about sales practices. Also, you can check out automotive forums for feedback about the dealer in question.

2) Compare the Cars’ Mileage

Checking up on previous owners is recommended when buying a Ford Explorer in Wichita. Next, you should look at the odometer reading of the cars to make an informed decision. It’s not uncommon for former owners to dispute mileage on the vehicle history report, so always check for yourself by visiting a local DMV.

3) Check Car History

Tracking down all accidents involving each car on your shortlist is highly recommended. You can do it by requesting car history reports from companies like AutoCheck or CarFax. A quick Google search will give you some reliable options to choose from.

4) Learn about the Cars’ Safety Features

Safety parts like airbags and anti-lock brakes (ABS) are essential when considering a Ford Explorer for sale in Wichita. There are many safety features to consider, such as electronic stability control (ESC), roll mitigation, and lane departure warning systems. These safety features can help save lives, and they’re worth considering before making a final purchase decision.

5) Get an Auto Inspection Performed

You should get the cars on your shortlist inspected by a licensed mechanic of your choosing. It will allow you to determine the vehicle’s quality more accurately and ensure it’s in good working order. It can help you identify potential problems in the cars right away.

6) Check Special Features

If you need a car with specific features, it would be in your best interest to choose one that has them already. It can save you money and ensure the vehicle will meet your needs and expectations.

Some unique features of a Ford Explorer include:

A) Cruise Control

Cruise control is a standard feature in many cars these days, but not every vehicle, has it? Some models of the Ford Explorer include this feature, so if cruise control is essential to you, consider getting an Explorer that already possesses the part.

B) Auxiliary Audio Input

Many drivers prefer their music by way of an MP3 player or iPod. It’s a standard feature in most cars today, but if you’d like an audio input for your music in the car itself, make sure to check which models of Explorer offer this convenience.

C) Heated Seats

If you live in a cold location and enjoy going on winter road trips, heated seats might be a must-have for you. You don’t necessarily need the heated seats to be a standard feature in your car, as many models of Ford Explorer with leather interiors already come with this luxury.

D) Memory Seats

If you often take multiple people for a ride and find it difficult to adjust the seat settings each time, memory seats might be the solution. The controls on some models of Ford Explorer can be programmed to remember the settings for every individual who uses the car.

E) Axle Ratio

The axle ratio refers to the final drive ratio on a vehicle. A lower number will result in higher fuel economy, while a more significant number means more power and torque. If you have long highway drives ahead of you, getting a car with a lower axle ratio could be in your best interest.

F) Engine Size

Engine size is essential if you’re looking for power and torque. A larger engine will provide more of both than its smaller counterpart, but it’s also often considered less economical and not ideal for long road trips. They say that bigger is not always better, but it is in the context of engine size.

G) Moonroof

A moonroof can be a fantastic addition to your car if you appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and don’t want to come home each day feeling closed in. A sunroof may be an alternative solution for some people, but a moonroof is usually the more expensive option.


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