Why You Should Add Collage to Your Marketing Videos


Gathering comprehensive information into a short video is an art. Marketing videos should be kept short to involve as much attention as possible from the customer. So if you have a time crunch and yet wish to share a lot of information, the easiest way is to pack more images into one shot. That’s the time when you make a collage with the available info.

Why You Should Add Collage to Your Marketing Videos

A collage is made with multiple images or videos cramped efficiently into one image. It is a collaboration of similar themed pictures or videos to emphasise what is to be displayed.
Designing the video with multiple images in one scene enables the projector to showcase so many different aspects of the idea in one frame. A video collage maker can help you to identify multiple complimenting pictures & videos and edit them to make a complete video.

Types of video collages:

  1. Overlapping videos collages
  2. Side by side two videos
  3. Using a preset background for playing a video
  4. A still image complimenting with a video
  5. Video collages mixed and matched with graphics and animations
  6. Using video in a video as a thumbnail

Some ways to elevate your same old video by adding so many different pictures and ideas:

1. More Information in one Frame: Single marketing videos are not essentially content-driven. They tend to only compile one aspect of the information. But with a collage video you can deliver so much info in one shot by collaborating multiple videos in different angles, scenes and so much more. A video collage maker allows the display of info in multiple dimensions.

2. A Visual Treat to the Eyes: Undoubtedly, such a burst of video content would be a visual treat. Ideas and content related to your marketing strategies with a burst of images or videos are essentially what the customer is looking for! What grabs the attention, absorbs more, and retains much more than that. Using visually appealing videos retains the information so much more efficiently. And if your content revolves around kids and infants, a video collage is a win-win!

3. Unbound Creativity: A video collage allows users to let their creative juices flow and play around unlimited. So much content in all forms such as videos, gifs, and images can be added with a video collage. Video collage makers can give ample opportunities for marketing videos loaded with creative awesomeness.

4. Brand Improvement: Formulating good video content would encourage more views, draw additional traffic and make your brand stand out from the crowd. A video collage maker online allows to instantly lift the brand image by using easy options of editing, adding audio, visual effects and so much more. You can improve brand image and reach out to the customer at multiple levels in so many ways.

Make striking content with a video collage maker

To start making video collages online, pick up an original video from your gallery or shoot a basic video to deliver the content. After uploading the video in your preferred video collage maker, choose a template for your work to start. You can choose from a variety of monochromatic templates to endless printed templates.

A video collage works similarly to an image collage. You can pretty much choose the type of layouts involving two or more videos. These videos can also be collaborated with images to add variety. Resize the videos, add colours, texts, graphics, and stickers. You can also add relevant GIFs to make the content more engaging and attractive and avoid long-form videos that people no longer like to watch.

For instance, a video involving the benefits of travelling can be more engaging by using travel videos of various destinations. This would add more curiosity and excitement about travelling to that place.

Thoughtfully made video collages can be striking and engaging. This is how you create them:

  • Choose your video clips carefully; they are the basis of your marketing.
  • Try making videos of a shorter duration. Videos of 3 minutes or shorter do well than long videos.
  • Make use of a mesmerizing sound to enhance attention and experience.
  • As over overcrowded videos become less attractive, keep them simple and beautiful.
  • Choose an appropriate collage maker as per your own needs.


Collages draw attention and increase the curiosity of videos. Every marketing video is an effort to draw customers and increase traffic towards the brand and its products. Every attempt to emphasise the products and the brand may become a failed attempt if not taken in the right direction. It can be overwhelming to make perfect marketing videos for your customers who are not too overrated and not too undermining.

A marketing video delivers so much more than just the product; it shows the brand’s reputation and the whole package itself. Video collages should be added to any marketing video to ensure that no stone is unturned in communicating in the best possible way with your customers.


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