Key Facts About Personal Injury Cases in White Plains


Scores of White Plains residents inadvertently fall prey to motor vehicle accidents, lethal dog bites, workplace mishaps, and wrongful deaths. In fact, the average number of people involved in fatal accidents in White Plains surpassed that of the entire New York State in 2010.

Key Facts About Personal Injury Cases in White Plains

But a capable White Plains personal injury attorney can help set things right once again for victims of such unfortunate and unexpected tragedies. The lawyers may not be able to make the pain disappear, but they can certainly ensure that the victims are compensated with a fair amount of money in exchange for their suffering.

That’s because while the accident may not be their fault, the victims are at the receiving end of pain, loss, financial burdens, and other damages.

For the uninitiated, the following are some interesting and vital aspects of personal injury cases in White Plains. You will also find highlights of how personal injury attorneys play a crucial role here.

Process of Filing a Lawsuit

Most personal injury claims in White Plains reach a settlement before going to trial, ensuring the plaintiffs receive a good amount of compensation. However, some cases need to be heard in court, whether workplace accidents, truck accidents, or wrongful death.

In such cases, the attorney will have to file a lawsuit in court. To file a lawsuit in White Plains, the lawyer must first draft a summons and complaint. This will outline the allegations of negligence and other liabilities on the defendants. Besides being filed in court, the summons and complaint suit is sent to the defendants and the insurance company. Following this, the defendants must appear in court with their attorney and file an “answer” to the lawsuit. They will also file a “discovery demand,” which can help them verify the charges of negligence and proof of injuries.

Once these formalities are done, lawyers on both sides of the case will move to accumulate evidence and other documents that will help their respective clients. Arguments from both sides are heard by a judge or jury, depending on the case.

Contingency Fee

Your White Plains personal injury attorney, like other lawyers, will most probably charge a contingency fee rather than regular lawyer expenses. This means that the attorneys settle for a specific percentage of the total compensation or settlement amount their clients avail. Typically, this is approximately 33% of the entire settlement amount and may be hiked if the claim goes to court. So, if your claim does not come through, your lawyer will not get his due either.

How Long Does It Take for Personal Injury Cases to be Solved?

One cannot predict the amount of time it will take for a personal injury claim to be resolved as each case is unique. Sometimes, cases in White Plains can be settled within three to six months, while at other times, this can go on for years. Research and the time to decide if the claim should go to court or be settled are the main reasons for the delay.

But an excellent White Plains lawyer can get a claim settled in a couple of weeks to months. Moreover, they can get compensation ranging from $3,000 to $75,000 for simple cases. This amount can go higher for complex lawsuits.


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