How to Engage with Your Instagram Audience?


Instagram is one of many excellent platforms to build an impressive audience base. This is because billions of users use this platform, which is why it is a prospect to impressive return on investment. If you are an Instagram business user, you might be aware that this platform is a powerful option to effectively promote your products and services to reap desired benefits. But due to a large number of brand promoters and competitors out there, you need to know how to engage your audience effectively. You may try to use Instagram automation tools to manage your account but you will still require to have certain knowledge about engaging with your customers. For the same, actions like likes, shares, and comments are mandatory to make sure that your content is reaching and engaging with genuine audiences.

How to Engage with Your Instagram Audience

So, if you have a decent audience base on Instagram but are looking for a way to increase engagement, we have some great tips for you. To know all about these tips and tricks, give this post a thorough read!

Instagram engagement

Instagram engagement depends on the number of followers and views. It is related to calculating the interactions made with your audience via your content.

To calculate Instagram engagement, you need to foresee these metrics.

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Mentions
  • Hashtags
  • Saves
  • DMs
  • Click-throughs

1. Know your audience

To make impressive content for your audience, you first need to know about them. Based on your audience type and their likes and dislikes, you can define your content creation strategy to achieve expected benefits. You can identify the needs of your audience by conducting online surveys and polls and also by asking questions.

For example, if you are a clothing brand, you can conduct surveys on the type of clothing most preferred by your audience, such as casual, formal, ethnic, and so on.

2. Share compelling images

Instagram is a picture-based community. To get noticed, you need to gear up your visual medium. To post images on Instagram, you need to create outstanding images for your posts, stories and feeds. You can easily do so by using an Instagram video editor that features many effects to transform your images. This in-built Instagram video editor is pretty convenient to use and eliminates the need to download or pay for any video editor to improve the appearance of your images. So, even if you are a mature photographer or editor, you can use this Instagram video editor to add life to your pictures.

3. Best time to post

Did you know that there is a right time to post on Instagram to engage people effectively? If you post at the wrong or irregular timings, there are high chances that your posts might go unnoticed. Well, there are many ways to increase user engagement on Instagram, but if you post at the right timings, it offers the best way to engage many people easily. Instagram uses an algorithm that elevates engagement in a short while and moves your posts at the top of your user’s feed if you follow the timings adequately. Therefore, to get the most out of it, always track and monitor using Instagram analytics to know the most suitable time to publish content.

4. Video content

Images can be effective, but videos have their charm. Creating attractive and engaging videos is counted as one of the best practices to keep your audience engaged on platforms like Instagram. Videos help in engaging 38% more viewers than images, so go for it. You can create various kinds of videos for Instagram, such as unboxing, how-to, demonstration, tutorials, and so on. Moreover, these videos can be easily edited with an Instagram video editor to enhance the quality. You can think about adding text, audio files and effects to your video content to make it look astonishing.

5. Go live whenever possible

Going live on Instagram often is one of the most effective ways to engage your users and build new relationships. Majority of the Instagram audience like to indulge in live streams rather than reading blog posts. You can communicate your message effectively and answer your user’s queries in a better way. People feel more connected to your business and brand when you appear online. Also, it helps in building trust and incorporates loyalty in users. So, go live at least once a week to keep your viewers engaged.

6. Make them feel special

You can make your audience feel special by reposting their content in which they have tagged you or given feedback about your brand or services. People get engaged and feel connected when you are a brand and share their content online. So, if someone tags you in their post after purchasing or liking your services, do not forget to repost it. Also, such gestures help in attracting other users who see you tagging the buyers in their post, which may motivate them to do the same.

7. Respond

Whenever your customer asks you a question and comments on your post, always revert to them politely. This not just encourages engagement but also casts loyalty and a feeling of being heard on their concerns and queries. You should also look for any mention that happens outside your posts and keep the conversation going.

8. Keep experimenting

You should never stick to one practice to engage people on Instagram. So if you post video content frequently, try its different types such as how-to, demos, testimonials, tutorials, unboxing and so on to offer your audience some variety. Also, play around with your images by adding different effects and elements to become monotonous. Also, never skip incorporating a convincing CTA that tells the viewers to share, comment and like. Additionally, make use of hashtags to reach out to different sorts of users and communities to make a buzz and drive traffic.


Instagram is one of the highly preferred social media platforms by all sorts of businesses to attract audiences. But, to keep your game going, you must know about specific tips to keep your audience engaged over it. We hope with these simple tips given above. You shall be able to keep your people engaged and connected to your brand and services.


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