“Where N Tyre”- Your Guide to Choosing SUV Tyres


If you are looking to buy 4wd tyres, first off, you ought to decide upon what kind of terrain you will be driving upon so that you derive befitting utility and operation. Opting for the perfect fit of a 4wd tyre is crucial, whichever your vehicle may be, agreed, but its importance rises to a whole new level once you start to speak about a Sports Utility Vehicle(SUV). If you are off-roading on the harsh and rugged ground, you have to worry about a lot more than just the hold and fuel-saving– a wrong decision on a bad day can leave you high and dry.

Your Guide to Choosing SUV Tyres

To clarify it for you, here are the types of tyres:

● All-Terrain Tyres (AT)

All-Terrain or AT tyres, as they are generally called, you will notice their unbeatable versatility when you drive across the city roads and on the uneven terrain. They are crafted to perform a lot tougher than the high-way terrain tyres, whereas, on nice roads, they cause quite a little noise.

All the All-terrain tyres are not the same type. Some tyres come with slimmer treads good for city limits and broad and grippy treads to off-road effortlessly.

● Highway Terrain Tyres (HT)

You might be one of those drivers choosing a 4wd tyre as you rarely take your vehicle off-roading; even if you visit the rough tracks once in a great while, the mileage and performance of the car will take the hit running on All-terrain tyres.

May it be top speed grading, sand riding, or silent riding on excellent roads- High-way terrain tyres have it all. Surprisingly, they are also the most economical since they are lightweight.

● Mud Terrain Tyres(MT)

If you live for off-road or competitive driving or camping in remote locations, Mud Terrain tyres display pro-performance on uncharted and rough terrain. They know that you have found your perfect match if you are that kind who lives and dies for off-roading, competent driving, and setting up a camp in the middle of nowhere. Regarding where it fails, these tyres are the last option if you are looking to drive in city limits due to low fuel economy, poor hold, and performance. By weight, these are the heaviest, so they naturally are priced high.

There is a cousin-variant of this tyre known as Mud n snow (M-S) tyres which come with at least 30 per cent of blank treads, enabling snow driving to be the most suitable.

● Light Truck Tyres(LT)

Apart from the prime classifications stated above, 4-wheel-drive tyres are also classified into light truck tyres. They come heavy-built, with greater load grading and broader treads which results in reduced vulnerability towards punctures.

If you need to foster performance while driving on uneven terrain, go for Light truck all-terrain tyres. At the same time, L.T. M.T. tyres are your best choice if all that you have is off-roading on your mind.

● Choosing the size required

If you are looking for more ground clearance, you should go for bigger sizes or upgrade the size of your previous tyre like many other off-road freaks. Governmental regulations are also to be followed as one cannot choose as per their whim and fancy, and also the radius of the rolling tyre needs to be within the limit of 50mm and ensure that your tyres are not broader than the mudguards.

An ideal tyre would enable you with:

  1. Linear stability when brakes are applied.
  2. Exceptional hold(literally).
  3. Sensitive steering.
  4. Silent drive.
  5. Immediate responsive recovery to extreme steering.
  6. Considerable stopping gap.
  7. Heating up-regulation beneath.
  8. Excellent track grip.


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