Basics of Upgrading Your Ute


If you bought a ute or are considering buying one, congratulations. Utes are one of the most popular styles of vehicles in Australia. There is something about Australia and utes that just go together.

How you plan to use your ute will determine if you leave it factory standard or add any of the many available options. One of the most popular and possibly most expensive alterations you can add to your vehicle is a tray and canopy.

Factory Tub

Most utes are delivered with the standard factory tub. They come with an open top, solid sides and a fold-down tailgate. They are great for hauling loose items such as dirt, sand, or gravel. They don’t provide any security, so you won’t want to be carrying any valuable items if you plan on leaving your vehicle parked unattended.

Flat Tray

Flat trays are available from most dealers or from after-market providers. Most are made of aluminium which reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. They are available with fold-down and removable side walls. Like factory tubs, they are great for hauling, especially things like boxes or bags. With side walls, they can also carry loose items, like sand and gravel. Just as with factory tubs, flat trays provide no security for your valuables or protection from the elements.

Aluminium Tray & Canopy

This is what you see on the back of almost every serious off-road vehicle. They are the ultimate for camping and touring. If you decide a canopy is for you check out this ute canopy Sydney.

Canopies offer increased versatility and storage options. They are highly customizable, from exterior dimensions to drawers, racks shelves, and even kitchen options. Just about anything you need can be built in or added to a canopy.

Canopies offer secure storage and protection from the elements of your camping or business gear.

Other options

If you aren’t ready for the full tray and canopy there are still options to give you increased security and weather protection for the back of your ute.


You can find many different styles of covers for the back of your vehicle.

Vinyl tonneau covers are lightweight and easy to install. They can also be easily removed and stored when needed. Tonneau covers are relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of storage solutions.

Hard lids and roll-top covers are other popular accessories when you want increased security and weather protection for your factory standard tub. Both of these options offer good security and protection from the elements of your cargo. On the flip side, they are often hard to remove and limit the size of the items you can carry in the back.

One last cover type to consider is the fibreglass or steel canopy. These sit on top of a factory tub and fasten down with some type of clamping system. Canopies offer great security and weather protection.

They limit what you can carry in the tub, and add quite a bit of weight.

Ultimately what type of canopy or cover you add will be determined by your budget, and how you plan to use the vehicle.


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