What is a Rainforest Alliance Certification and Why Do Businesses Get Them?


When shopping around different brands, like Bun Coffee roasters in Brisbane, you may notice that they proudly display the Rainforest Alliance Certification logo. But what does it mean? And why do businesses get them? Let’s explore some answers to both questions!

What is a Rainforest Alliance Certification and Why Do Businesses Get Them

What’s a Rainforest Alliance Certification?

When you see a brand carrying the Rainforest Alliance seal, this means that the brand supports economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Not only does the brand support these three components of sustainability but they actively follow them in sourcing ingredients and manufacturing products.

When the certification is awarded or renewed, independent third-party auditors visit the facilities of the brand and analyze its approach. The brand must adhere to the three pillars of sustainability if they want to keep or receive the certification.

Here are just some of the factors that the Rainforest Alliance standards consider:

Climate – Firstly, the certification program encourages responsible actions when it comes to carbon storage. Brands should avoid deforestation and act responsibly to help the environment both in the short term and long term.

Forests – As mentioned, one of the most important aspects of the climate is the protection of forests. For all living things to survive on this planet, forests are essential. The program, therefore, encourages positive practices to protect forests, natural soils, and waterways.

Livelihoods – Naturally, the Rainforest Alliance also wants to allow local farmers and communities a fair livelihood rather than big corporations coming in and taking over. With fair conditions and ecosystems for rural communities, they can pull themselves out of poverty.

Human Rights – Finally, another core component for the Rainforest Alliance is to offer basic human rights to all rural communities. The certification program encourages companies to avoid poor working conditions, child labour, low wages, forced labour, gender inequality, and more.

Why Do Businesses Get Rainforest Alliance Certification?

While this all sounds great, why do companies get this seal of approval from the Rainforest Alliance? Firstly, it’s important to note that it’s common in the forestry, agricultural, and tourism industries.

With this in mind, the first reason why businesses get this certification is that it sends a clear message to consumers. Every year, more and more customers consider social and environmental responsibility when making purchasing decisions. Previously, pricing was the only factor that mattered. Now, customers are happy to pay more money if it means helping the environment.

Therefore, getting this certification shows customers that a brand is serious about its social and environmental responsibility. Rather than just shouting about how great a service is for the environment, a company can show everybody with independent certification.

Furthermore, another reason why the Rainforest Alliance certification is so popular is that it’s recognized all over the world. Instantly, people recognize the certification seal, and the brand gets credibility, trust, and respect. Around the world, around 30,000 companies carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.

These days, consumers know to look for the little frog to make responsible decisions. This simple frog symbol allows both companies and consumers to work together towards a brighter future for everybody.

Finally, another benefit of the seal for businesses is the access they receive to reliable and high-quality products. These products are available for competitive prices while still supporting local farming communities and other providers.

Every year, awareness of the Rainforest Alliance improves, and it’s most widely known in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia. Soon enough, it will become the golden stamp that consumers seek in manufacturers and other companies!


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