What are the Top 7 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Destination Wedding?


A destination wedding is a wonderful way to make your beautiful festivities even more special. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can find a location that fits their preferences, regardless of their financial situation or personal style. Some of the most popular locations are Kerala, Rajasthan, Mumbai, and Goa and the most lovely, a destination wedding in Vrindavan. Well, before making a decision, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of destination weddings in Vrindavan, Mumbai or any other place.

However, if you’ve already decided on a location and have your heart fixed on it, let us assist you and explain the fundamentals of organising such a ceremony. Here is a checklist to help you start organising an amazing vacation wedding.

Plan in advance

Always start planning your vacation wedding far in preparation. Everything should be organised nearly five to six months before D-day. Since you will be getting married in a completely new (and possibly unknown) location, destination nuptials require much more preparation than local weddings. So, get prepared as soon as you can and look for wedding venues and plan out everything for your destination wedding in Vrindavan.

Planning early is wise because the majority of vacation wedding suppliers and locations demand advance payments and numerous other formalities. Start a to-do list, then, with the essentials and plan your destination wedding in Vrindavan.

Let your guests know in advance

Inform your visitors in advance if possible. Before departing town, they too must complete many tasks and make numerous timetable adjustments. Make sure your visitors have the necessary documents, such as a passport and visa, if your location is abroad. If not, assist them in applying and resolving issues on time.

For efficient administration and mistake reduction, a period of 8–9 months is advised. For far-off locations, visitors will need to plan their commitments and book the travelling tickets in advance. Destination wedding in Vrindavan is preferred the most, it is advised to inform the guests in advance.

Check local weather and calendar

Be mindful of the temperature in the location you have selected for your wedding. Find out if it will be chilly or wet during that month (your nuptials). All of these are crucial because they enable you to make plans and preparations that are appropriate. Additionally, keep an eye on the area’s municipal schedule.

For instance, if a significant fair or event is occurring at that time, it may increase visitors and prices increases. A destination wedding in Vrindavan, Mumbai, Kerala or any other location will need to keep a check on local weather and calendar for any special event or seasonal weather.

Choose local vendors

Check out the portfolios of any bridal suppliers you contact over the phone or online. Additionally, check out their recommendations online before making a decision. Only local vendors are allowed to provide services related to the location, decorations, and a few other criteria; however, in some cases, you can pick and choose the pros you want to work with.

If your money permits, for example, you can hire a caterer, a cook, a makeup artist, a photographer, and a filmmaker of your choosing, and you can bring them with you wherever you go. A cook and an expert planner for a destination wedding in Vrindavan would be needed to make it memorable for you.

Hire wedding planner

Hiring a local wedding coordinator and a travel agent is advised, but once again, your money will determine your final decision. These important figures serve as your coordinators, advisers, planners, and experts. They keep you updated and reduce your need for study by half. They offer the same information regarding your location, suppliers, and necessary legal papers.

Particularly local wedding coordinators assist you in organising your nuptials from beginning to end. Keep in mind that the correct professional will make the procedure easier for you to make your destination wedding in Vrindavan or Kerala the most memorable day of your life.

Explore the destination in advance

Visit the place you want for your nuptials if you can. Finalize the bridal contracts and directly manage all of the planning. No amount of description from your hotel manager or other suppliers can replace going to the place. Find out if any international criteria must be met in advance and learn about the area. Examine the area while keeping your visitors in mind.

Exploring the venue and the local area for a destination wedding in Vrindavan would minimize the chances of any chaos on the day of the wedding.

Look out for guests’ needs

Your main duty should be to take care of this. Make your visitors’ time with you as pleasurable and unforgettable as you can. Give them comprehensive local information, double- and triple-check their hotel bookings, plan little treats for them, pick them up at the airport, get to know your visitors right away, and make them feel at home.

Your primary worry should be for their comfort, and you should take personal accountability for their enjoyment of your destination wedding in Vrindavan.


To sum up, organising a destination wedding can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it necessitates cautious preparation and close attention to detail. You can make sure that your special day is not only memorable but also stress-free by keeping the top 7 things in mind. Keep in mind to do your homework, consult with your suppliers, establish a clear budget, and account for unforeseen expenses.

Additionally, remember your visitors’ requirements, take the weather and journey details into account, and always have a backup plan in place. You can easily plan the ideal destination wedding if you keep these suggestions in mind.


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