6 Major Reasons Why My Wife Yells At Me


Fights and other such things are very common in family amongst a couple. People complaints about things like my wife yells at me and do not treat me like her partner. Today we will try to figure out why wives yells at husbands all the time. What should be done to put an end to such scenario at home? Here are major six reasons that will help you to know why your wife is not behaving common to you. It is very important that both the partner respect each other in a marriage. If they do not put efforts in doing so a relationship can meet the dead end very immediately. That is why it becomes crucial to know the reasons behind bitterness in a relationship and get rid of it as soon as possible.

6 Major Reasons Why My Wife Yells At Me

6 Major Reasons Why My Wife Yells At Me

1. You have a poor understanding if complaining my wife yells at me

If you always keep on complaining that my wife is yelling at me then there can be serious issues with your mutual understanding. You can figure out the loopholes in your marriage and what is going wrong with it. Try to clear the doubts between you and your wife and do not let the things unresolved. That is how you can give a chance to improve your relation. Understanding can be developed when you have a proper time to talk with each other.

2. Worried about why does my wife yells at me? You do not spend good time

If you are not getting about why my wife yells at me then there could be the reason of not spending good time with her. It is very crucial in a relationship that you spend good time with each other. When this gap between couple goes high it brings poor relationship symptoms like yelling at each other. So if your wife is doing the same just spend more and more time with her. So give best time to your family daily and on weekends also. It will help them to stay positive in their behavior towards you.

3. Wife yells at husband? She is suspecting you for betrayal in marriage

Most of the husband complaints that my wife shouts at me and yell as well. There could me multiple reasons behind it. But a hint of betrayal might be haunting her which is becoming the reason for this behavior. If you believe that your wife do not trust you for your relationship and affection towards her it is common for her to yell at you. Make her realize that she is the only important person for you in your life and you are never going to cheat her.

4. Your wife is going through excessive stress and workload

If you are concerned about why does my wife yell at me then there could be the reason of stress in her mind. There are people who do not understand that their wives can also go through stress and workload from office as well as at home. The never try to appreciate them for their efforts and hence it results in yelling. So if you want to get out from this situation just make sure you are understanding the stress and workload she is going through and help her with it. This is a very common reason why wives yells at husbands too often.

5. She yells at you because you do not give her basic freedom

Last but not the least reasons why your wife yells at you is because you do not let her enjoy her basic freedom. Making judgments on her clothes, restricting her to go out, talking to friends and such things make her frustrate. This is the answer to your question that why us my wife yelling at me all the time. If you will work on your behavior in this context it can results in positive way on your relationship. Many people do not have any idea about such minor things which results in major happenings like divorce many times. Every person do not want her freedom to be curtailed and similar is the case with your wife if she yells on it this is quite common for her.

6. What to do if your wife yells at you?

So if you are worried about the problem that my wife yelled at me or keep doing so then it is better to find a solution for it. In case you find this is all your fault that you did not gave time to her and provide freedom then work on your behavior. Those who think that their wives are not good and treat them like rubbish because of extra material affairs should put an end to respond of their yelling. Longer the time you will respond to their yelling higher will be the risk that they are going to ruin your inner peace. Such people should be out from your life to get solace for a life. So if you are also dealing with same problem just make sure that you adopt to the similar idea. This is how you can save your marriage with your brain.

Ways to react when your wife yells at you

Your wife can yell at you due to a lot of different reasons. If you are wondering why my wife yells at me then start looking for the exact reason. Most times, it’s your fault as you don’t help her with chores or do not give her much attention. Instead of screaming back, you need to think about the reason. Sometimes, she might yell at you without any reason. Remember you are her life partner, it’s your job to make her happy. Read the guide and learn the ways to react whenever your wife yells.

Never scream back

A simple issue can become a bigger problem if another person also starts yelling. Yelling back at her won’t fix the problems. Many people think, if they yell back, the other person might stop yelling. Well, sometimes when you yell back, your wife may stop yelling at you. But that won’t fix the problem. When your wife yells at you but you don’t know what to do then move back. Instead of yelling, control yourself and don’t say anything.

Talk to her when she is clam

Most times, the wife yells at the husband and then becomes calm after some time. When your wife becomes calm, talk to her. Ask her why she was yelling and if she wants anything. Tell her that you won’t become angry. Try to keep your tone soft while talking to her.

Stop blaming her for everything

Some people often blame their partners for any kind of wrongdoing, especially things regarding kids. Couples often blame each other when the kid is not listening to them or not performing well at school. Remember, you both carry the same responsibility for kids. Stop blaming her for everything. Even if she is wrong, don’t blame her directly. Instead, tell her calmly that she should change these activities. Blaming her may cause more problems. Your wife will reflect on her actions once she becomes calm.

Try to listen

Many people think, talking to her back might help. No dear, don’t. Do not try to give her any kind of advice. Your piece of advice can cause more issues. Don’t try to fix the situation by giving her any advice. Instead, just wait until she becomes calm. Your advice will unnecessarily make the problem much bigger. Your partner is yelling at you and wants you to know that she is not ranting unnecessarily. All you have to do is just listen to her.

Let your wife finish her talk

Never try to cut her words. This mistake can cost you a lot. If you ever cut her words, she feels like you don’t respect her or do not pay attention to her words. Let her say anything until she stops yelling. When she stops talking, you can ask questions related to that topic. It will ensure her that you were listening to her carefully and willing to fix the problem.

Try to take responsibility

Your wife may yell at you because you are not responsible. After marriage, you have to make a lot of changes. If you have kids then responsibility increases a lot. Remember, you both share responsibility for everything. You have to become responsible for everything to keep your relationship stable. Whenever you think about why my wife yells at me then think about your responsibility towards her and the family. Never be defensive and try to acknowledge her. She might be yelling at you for some serious concerns. You both have to work as a teammate. Be a good person and take responsibility.

Apologize to her

If she is yelling at you for your mistakes like forgetting to do something or forgetting your anniversary then apologize. Not all but there could be many situations that can be fixed with a sorry. Tell her that your actions were wrong and now you won’t repeat them. A simple apology can help to acknowledge her feelings.

So some efforts

If your wife is angry then you should show some effort to make her happy. You can buy her flowers or take her to dinner. If she seems stressed and not feeling good for days then you can plan a weekend trip. Your small efforts can help her to cheer up and make your relationship strong.


So these are the major reasons why my wife yells at me problems can be based. Those who want to get rid of this situation constantly strives towards things like what should I do if my wife yells at me and other get such problems for their life. So it is very crucial that you rectify such minor things in a relationship to live a long and healthy partnership of marriage. Most of the people do pay attention on such things and secure their marriage. But those who have no much thinking about such things have to face serious issues in later period of time. So always try to resolve your problems in family so that they do not splash in the crowd. Figure out which is the reason for such problems in your married life and try to kick them out.


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