How to Plan for a Trip Under Budget – Best Tip & Tricks


Are you a hodophile and planning for a new trip? From clothes that you will be going to wear to sightseeing, and activities, there are many points to consider while planning for a trip.

There are some people who are so enthusiastic about traveling that take a travel loan to fulfill their dream to travel.

How to Plan for a trip under budget – Best Tip & Tricks

However, if you are the one planning to go for a trip in the near future then you are at the right place. Today with this article we are going to share those tips & tricks that will help to travel under budget.

Top 8 Tips & Tricks to Travel under Budget

Here are some of those tips & tricks that allow you to plan a budgeted trip easily,

1. Have a Plan – The very first step you need to take is to make a solid travel plan on a budget. There is no need for an hour-by-hour itinerary or need a tight budget, but at least you must have an idea of how long you’ll be going to spend on different destinations. This will make a less chance of unexpected spending like last-minute flights or accommodations can significantly increase the cost of the entire trip.

2. Travel out of season – Another best tip to travel under budget is to travel in the off-season. This is because during the holiday season like school vacations or winter or summer peak season industries usually hike up prices to earn better profits. You can travel during the ‘shoulder season’ where you can get the great pleasure of the trip. That way you can expect good discounts even on luxury villas like St Barts Villas.

3. Be Accommodation-savvy – Living in good accommodation will significantly increase the cost of the trip. However, sharing a room or communal bunk room can effectively help in making a budgeted trip.

4. Pack Properly – Packing is one of the most important things to consider because you don’t have to shop the essentials on foreign soil at a higher price. Make sure to include chargers, batteries, clothes, waterproof jackets and bags, passports, and some other important documents. It’s best to keep some extra clothes and documents in different bags as if you lost one, you can manage with the spare clothes. However, companies like TripMoney that offer travel insurance also will help you to travel stress-free.

5. Book in Advance – This is a common mistake that most travelers make is to not book return flights or train tickets. There are chances that you won’t get return tickets at the end moments or possibly get at the higher price. So, it’s a good practice to book the tickets or hotel room in advance before you leave the home country.

6. Rely Public Transport – Public transport such as trams or trains are far cheaper than private rented cars. It will not help to cut the traveling cost but also allows you to do other activities and explore more.

7. Don’t eat away your cash – A local street food market offers cheap lunch, rather than an expensive restaurant or café. Make sure to wander around the place to explore more to eat dinner too. However, most of the hostel rooms offer a kitchen to cook food and save you a bit of money.

8. Travel Insurance – Last but not least, a good budget must ensure to avail travel insurance for the trip. Getting travel insurance from a reliable company like TripMoney is the best way to secure the journey. You will be able to reimburse the uncertain situations like loss of documents like passport.

What’s next?

Now, as you get to know how to plan for a budgeted trip, the next thing is to execute the plan.

Perhaps at this point, you may be wondering how to plan for the budget. So, if the budget is going high then you pocket even after following our tips & tricks then you can apply for a travel loan from TripMoney and enjoy the places that you always wanted to go.

Does TripMoney provide reliable services?

TripMoney is a well-grounded subsidiary company of MakeMyTrip that offers some great services that ease travelling.

Travel Loan

You can get an instant travel loan of up to 25000 rupees with an interest rate of 20% per year for a maximum of 12 months. The best thing about the TripMoney travel loan is that there is no need for a CIBIL score with limited documents like PAN Card, Adhar Card, and Date of Birth proof.

It includes flight tickets, hotel booking, homestay, and ground transport.

Pay Later

This is another type of service offered by TripMoney that allows the users to pay the amount later. Usually, the user will be notified through WhatsApp or email to the outstanding amount.

Forex Service

TripMoney offers a global cash card at 0% forex markup that is acceptable in more than 150 countries. A great thing is that there is no joining, renewal fees, or charges to add & withdraw money by only completing the KYC form.


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