Gold Bullion vs. Gold Coins: Which Should You Buy for Investment?


Are you looking for a way to invest in gold and add assets to your portfolio? Investing in gold is easy if you know what type of gold you should invest in. When it comes to buying gold in Adelaide at City Gold Bullion, people often ask whether they should buy gold bullion or gold coin.

which should you buy for investment

Gold coins and bullions have differences in terms of shape, price, and even resell value. So, it is important to evaluate the purchase before you buy gold in Adelaide at City Gold Bullion. This article is focused on helping you make a choice when it comes to investing money in gold.

Gold Bullion Vs. Gold Coin Which One to Buy?

Physical size:

Gold coins are round and small in size. They are easy to carry and even store. Gold bullions, on the other hand, are rectangular. They are comparatively heavy and difficult to carry. You can carry gold coins in a pocket, for instance, but you will need a bag for gold bullion. So, if you are looking for an easy-to-store commodity, gold coins should be your choice.

Historical Importance:

Gold coins often have some historical importance. They might carry a historic symbol, sign, or even image of an important personality. The same, however, cannot be said about gold bullion. They are often traded for the gold content they carry. So, if you want to add something historical to your assets, go for the gold coin.

Cost and Pricing:

Gold coins are relatively cheaper, thanks to their size. You may, however, have to pay more to buy gold bullion due to its basic rectangular shape and big size.

Investment flexibility:

Gold coins provide greater investment flexibility as they are available in different sizes and designs. You can expect every seller to have a different design of gold coins. Some may have simple coins, while some have coins with images and text engraved.

For gold bullion you will have to pay a certain amount no matter from where you buy it. Gold bullion doesn’t come in different designs. Their size, in fact, has a very small difference. So, if you are looking for flexible investment, Gold coins should be your choice.

Increase in Value:

You can expect the gold coin to have more value in the future for its historical importance. Gold coins carrying images or signs of historical events are likely to experience more demand, which will increase their value. But the same is not true for gold bullion.

Gold bullion price would experience marginal difference in price as per the marker. The price of the bullion may change with gold price fluctuation in the market. Gold bullions offer investors a simple exposure that almost every investor seeks. Gold bullions are preferred by investors looking to trade and earn.


Gold bullions and coins can be exchanged for cash anytime. However, the market to buy gold coins is wider than those interested in gold bullion. The reason for the difference is the size of the gold and its historical importance. Buyers are interested in adding value to their assets, so they may prefer buying gold coins. If you have a gold bullion, you may have to wait a bit longer to sell it.

Making Charges:

Gold coins have higher making charges as the goldsmith has to design, engrave, and shape them. So when you buy gold coins, you will have to pay a higher price. But when you buy gold bullion, you may have to pay for the market gold price and other charges if applicable.

Wear and Tear:

Gold coins are delicate and subject to wear and tear as they are small in size compared to gold bullion. So, when you buy gold coins, you will have to think of ways to keep them safe and secure. You may have to buy storage containers to prevent any damage to the coins.


Gold bullions and gold coins make great investment options. You can invest in gold coins if you are ready to invest more and have storage containers. Gold bullions also make great investments for people who want to invest for their future and secure assets for rainy days.


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