How to Motivate College Students to Do Homework


It doesn’t matter how good or inspiring the lessons, books, or materials are. If the students aren’t motivated, they won’t learn. Students’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is vital to their success at every stage of their educational journey. Teachers can play a crucial role in fostering and encouraging this motivation. But how can they do this?

How to Motivate College Students to Do Homework

It’s easier said than done since all students are motivated differently, and it takes time and effort to create a classroom full of eager kids to learn, work hard, and strive to improve. No matter how well-intentioned and educated they are, teachers sometimes lack the skills to keep kids motivated. So no matter how experienced or new you are, try these methods to improve student motivation.

1. Trust And Give Them Responsibility

Make sure your students take responsibility for their actions. You should provide them with some classroom activities. This activity will dedicate them for sure. It will also teach some students how to fulfill obligations.

You can build trust in your students when you give them responsibilities, and they will believe they are vital since they are receiving value from you. It will motivate them to participate actively in class. When you trust them, they will reciprocate it.

2. Get the Most Out of their Computer

For young people, computers are vital; living without them is impossible. Such gadgets are helpful but have drawbacks, such as video games and social networks. Besides being extremely unhappy, parents are furious when their children spend hours staring at a computer. But students can use their computer skills to complete their home assignments!

It will increase their interest in doing tasks, and their parents won’t mind. The computer can help them complete assignments without distraction from playing video games or performing duties.

For instance, you could also tell them about these free study resources on StuDocu to help them get the most out of their assignments. Don’t forget; it’s there only to make studying more accessible, faster, and more effective for you. You can use it to motivate yourself to do your homework.

3. Create an Achievable Goal

Having a goal can be helpful when motivating yourself. Targets can include a single objective or several. You can create a purpose by graduating with honors, joining a club, or achieving good grades during the semester.

The clearer the goal plan, the more likely one is to persevere until one completes the task. Don’t depend solely on your willpower, which fluctuates. You can list your goals and place them in your line of sight. In addition, you can motivate yourself by offering rewards after completing each task.

4. Embrace Their Thoughts And Choices

It would be best if you always encourage new thinking in the classroom. Let students choose their topics if you provide them with assignments or coursework. It will motivate them. It’s no secret that humans like appreciation.

Appreciation has a profound effect on the lives of many students. Next time you teach, your students will be eager to participate. Although you may appreciate new thoughts, your classroom will also reveal dozens of excellent ideas. Welcoming new ideas to motivate your students is always a good idea.

5. Get Rid of Distractions

Students should change their habits and eliminate anything that might prevent them from working on assignments. For example:

  • Switching off the TV in their bedroom;
  • Ensuring that there is silence in the room by closing the door;
  • Disconnecting the phone and computer, if possible;
  • Putting entertainment magazines away.

It would help to encourage them to let nothing distract them from focusing on their assignment and doing their chores at home. Firstly, the more concentrated one is on a task, the faster one will complete it. It is not uncommon for a quick phone call to reduce concentration for 30 minutes. Don’t let them forget how to motivate themselves to do their homework.

The Bottom Line

A teacher has the sole responsibility for ensuring that a classroom is effective. It is not enough for them to enter and leave the classroom with ‘Good Stories’ without providing an effective learning environment.

The best classroom you can create can be created by motivating your students. You are preparing a nation, perhaps a new world, which will soon rule the earth and you.


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