5 Situations Where You’ll Want to Hire a Divorce Lawyer for Women


In a divorce, it can feel like the world has turned against you. Your living arrangements might change, you may see less of your children, and friends may feel torn between you and your spouse. A divorce lawyer for women can deliver some much-needed hope and help you resolve important issues related to your marriage. Read on to see exactly how such an attorney can lend a hand during your time of need.

5 Situations Where Youll Want to Hire a Divorce Lawyer for Women

5 Situations Where You’ll Want to Hire a Divorce Lawyer for Women

1. Abuse Is Involved

In the United States, almost 20 people every minute experience abuse from an intimate partner. Research further confirms a link between intimate partner violence and depression. An attorney for women can help you find a safe place to live and obtain a protection order from the court.

It’s crucial in a sensitive, emotionally-charged situation like this that you listen carefully to your attorney’s advice. Your spouse may accuse you of kidnapping if you take your children away without a protection order. Likewise, your attorney can help diffuse tension by handling all future conversations with your spouse. This limits contact between the two of you to prevent stressful arguments and keep you out of harm’s way.

2. You or Your Spouse Seeks Financial Support

Spousal support is a fairly complicated calculation that relies on the court’s discretion rather than a specific formula. The court will consider a number of factors, including the standard of living during the marriage, when determining if either spouse should receive support. Even at-fault divorces caused by abuse, adultery, or other circumstances will be reviewed, and the at-fault party may be ordered to pay punitive support.

An attorney can present facts to the court or negotiate on your behalf to strengthen your case. If you seek spouse support, your attorney may help you get a little more by presenting a full account of assets and debts. Similarly, if your spouse seeks financial support, your attorney will likely advocate that you pay a little less based on living expenses and tax liabilities. The bottom line is that your attorney will know the laws and use them to your advantage.

3. Your Spouse Has an Attorney

For some, divorce is the most stressful experience they will ever face. The anxiety caused by this event will only rise once you learn your spouse has hired a divorce attorney. You may think you can trust your spouse to protect your mutual interests. Their attorney, however, is ethically bound to do what is best for them. Without reliable representation of your own, you’re at risk of making costly, irreversible mistakes.

A divorce lawyer for women will listen to your needs. They will remain calm in the face of adversity, consider your children’s welfare, and help you navigate the legal landscape. Your attorney may even offer references if you choose to meet with a therapist or counselor who can teach new methods for coping with stress.

4. You Have Significant Assets or Debts

Few realize this, but Columbus, OH divorce attorneys for women can help organize your finances as you embark on a new life. For instance, a small family business will need to be fairly divided between you and your spouse. A lawyer will review profit and loss sheets to ensure business assets are fairly split.

The same is true of retirement accounts, stocks, and other financial assets. Dividing such resources is complex and easy to get wrong. An attorney, however, can help ensure you receive an equitable portion of all property acquired during the marriage. Debt must be similarly accounted for, especially if most of it belongs to your spouse.

5. You Have Minor Children

Some of the most contentious arguments during divorce concern parenting time, custody, and child support. It’s only natural that you want to frequently see your children and ensure they’re well cared for. Your spouse likely wants the same, and at this intersection, the two of you may be hopelessly deadlocked. Such fighting is sure to have an impact on your children that can spill into their academics, personal interests, and social interactions.

Children need time to adjust during and after a divorce. Meanwhile, you and your spouse need to make critical decisions that will further impact your kids. An attorney can increase your chances of either paying or receiving an appropriate amount of child support and fight for favorable custody arrangements. Once decided, these issues can be put to rest, and you can look forward to playing an active role in your children’s future.

No divorce is easy, but yours can be properly managed with the help of a skilled attorney. Choosing a divorce lawyer who specifically works with women will help in difficult situations involving abuse, financial support, or significant assets or debts. Likewise, if your spouse already has an attorney or you have minor children, you must choose your legal representation with care. Such diligence will help you receive the fairest divorce terms possible.


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