Check Search Engine Ranking – How Can You Do It For Free?


Anyone with the basic insight about search engine optimization would know that the core goal of a website owner is to get on the top search rankings of Google or any other search engine. Now you must know that the search engine ranking of a website depends on the keywords being targeted in the site’s content. When people search the web for certain queries, the search engine would only present them with results with their query (keyword) stuffed in them. This is why SEO experts say that website content with no targeted keywords has no value and is a simple waste of the webmaster’s time, money, and efforts. If you want to be successful in winning the higher ranks and making your site crawlable, you have to pick the right keywords for your site.

Check Search Engine Ranking - How Can You Do It For Free

Why is it important to check the search rankings of a website?

You can easily find the right keywords by using the best keyword finder tools, but we would not get into the details of those tools; rather, we would like you to know about the best tools that can help you check search engine rankings for free. It is important to check the search rankings of a site because the position of a keyword keeps on changing.

The search engine ranks keywords based on their search density, so it is always probable that the keywords you had used are no longer on the top positions of the search engine. If the position of a keyword is changed, it would also affect the site’s ranking position using it. So if you are an SEO freak, you have to simply keep a regular check of your site’s ranking and track the keywords you have used in your site.

Can you check the search rankings and track keywords for free?

In the past, checking the rankings of a website was considered to be very difficult and expensive. Only professional SEO agencies are used to provide this checking service. Still, today, you can easily check the ranks by using online tools.

Free Rank checker tools that everyone can try in 2021!

Here are some of the online tools that can help you track your keywords and a site’s ranking position without any hassle.

Keyword Rank Checker – SmallSEOTools

If you want to check Google ranking, you can always try this free keyword rank checker offered by smallseotools. This website offers hundreds of tools, and the keyword position checker r is one of the well-reputed ones. This tool isn’t just free but is also among the friendliest tools on the web. You can check Google ranking of a site like a pro, even if it’s your first time.

The working procedure of this tool is quite understandable. The rank checker can tell you about the position of your site on the basis of its URL or you can also get information by adding the keywords against which you are targeting your site. You just have to enter the required data and get your results in a matter of seconds.

This is how easy it is to check a site’s position with smallseotools. Also, know that there are no limitations and formalities to the use of this tool!

SEO Profiler

SEO profiler is another online tool that can help you check the ranks of a site for free and without any effort. The tool is very easy to use and accurate in its work. It has integrations with Google and other search engines that help it find a site’s ranking position on different platforms. The seo profiler can check the ranks of a site based on targeted keywords and URL inputs. The best thing about this online tool is that it can also help you find your competitor’s current position and the keywords they are targeting. You can use this kind of information to boost your position on the search engine.

Advanced Web Ranking

As the name of this rank checker tool tells us, it is truly one of the most advanced tools that can help you check web rankings of a site and the position of keywords being used by them. This is a cloud-based tool, so you can only run it with a web connection. But the best thing about this online rank checker is that it allows you to track an unlimited number of websites, pages and keywords for their position. You would find certain keywords, their ranking position and the current position of the site in question. Still, you would also get suggestions to update the keywords and improve your ranking position. You have to pick your favourite package, and you are good to go!

By using these free online position checker tools, you can check your site’s rank on the SERPs!


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