How Much Should You Spend on YouTube Advertising


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and also its most populous city, with over 2.3 million residents. It is rapidly growing as a destination as the city welcomed 1.4 million international tourists between July 2018 and June 2019. In comparison, about 4 million foreigners visited Sydney in 2019. The city’s economy is also fast expanding, with 127,000 registered companies in 2018, employing around 700,000 workers.

There used to be a point when companies spend a lot on advertising. Buying a spot on TV and radio was very expensive. Fortunately, the rise of digital advertising gave smaller businesses a platform to reach out to their intended market on a smaller budget. You can hire a Brisbane SEO to manage your YouTube advertising campaign to meet your targets and maximise your ROI. You may also find several options to buy watch hours.

How Much Should You Spend on YouTube Advertising

But how much should you spend on YouTube advertising?

The simple answer, of course, hinges on your financial capacity. However, the internet is supposed to level the playing field and give smaller businesses a fighting chance at competing with large corporations.

How Much to Advertise on YouTube?

First, you need to understand how YouTube advertising works. Similar to pay-per-click on Google Ads, the advertiser will pay each time somebody watches your ad. The cost will depend on the overall goal and the video quality.

Typically, each YouTube video ad will cost from $.10 and $.30 for each view. To give you an idea, if 10,000 people watch your ad, you will spend about $1,000 on it. That doesn’t seem a lot, right? Compared to buying a spot on primetime, you are assured that millions of people watch your TV ad.

However, you must remember one important thing. With YouTube, the ads target your intended market, unlike with TV where everyone watches the same ad and not even a quarter represents your target audience.

In terms of costs, a spot on primetime dwarfs YouTube advertising by a mile. For example, the cheapest you can spend on primetime would be $2,800 on SBS, but it can go as high as $7,000 on Channel 7.

Audience Targeting

Another advantage of YouTube advertising is the ability to filter your audience to make sure you reach out to your target market.

By hiring the expertise of a Brisbane SEO, you can apply the following filters:

1. By keywords – Using analytics and insights, the SEO company can find the relevant words and phrases that your target customers use to search for your products or services.

2. By interest – You can also target people according to their searches of relevant topics. They might not be searching particularly for your product or service, but they can potentially become buyers.

3. By placement – You can choose which channels or videos to place your ads for maximum impact.

4. By demographic – You can target your audience by gender, age, status, or income, among others.

One of the most effective methods for YouTube advertising is video remarketing. YouTube ensures a captive audience, unlike TV or radio. More importantly, you can retarget them if they have shown interest in the past, but they never consummated the transaction. Your target buyer might be watching another video on another day, and you can still shoot them a reminder by showing your ad. As a result, your brand is always on their minds.


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