7 Things You Should Know About Corporate Animation Videos


Forrester Research has taken the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” one step further by noting that watching a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Considering that many people prefer watching attractive and eye-catching videos on business websites, corporate firms have started creating animated explainer videos to attract new potential customers, launch a new product, build online brand visibility or create brand awareness in the audience. Short, compelling corporate videos capture visitors’ attention, allowing business to know their audience, understand their problems and offer effective solutions. Small businesses and corporations use visual resources to make promotional, informative, and engaging product videos aligned with their business’s goals and improve brand image among potential clients.

7 Things You Should Know About Corporate Animation Videos

Video animation producers are creating 3Danimation videos to showcase their brand’s personality. The corporate videos aim to build a relationship with customers to get more conversions, increase engagement, and build brand loyalty. The videoshumanize the brand by creating a personal tone and amiable communication style that enthrall customers. Consequently, the video connects with an audience and creates an emotional connection that helps visitors build trust in the business. Short product trailers and commercials, focusing on brand imaging, give businesses a good ROI. You can use corporate videos to introduce your brand to newcomers, bring more website visitors and increase brand awareness. Hence, a short, alluring, and fascinating video creates a favorable and lasting impression on customers.

Things you should know about corporate animation videos

• What makes superb quality animated brand videos

Affordable Video animation services must incorporate the important elements that create a compelling and engaging story that enthralls the audience. For instance, video animators should include the main character of a product video. The next should be the audience who is curious about the brand. Moreover, the video should inform customers about the product and solve their problems.

• Create an emotional connection

People choose a brand that resonates with them. Therefore, many video animation agencies play a trick by creating an engaging corporate video that creates emotional connection with the audience. The videos provide informative features of the product that builds brand loyalty. Try adding real-life testimonials and feedback that inspire positive emotions. The impressive video can quickly raise brand awareness, engaging new customers and educating existing customers about upcoming company’s brand.

• A video with a signature style

Scientific observation illustrates that people grasp 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear, while 80% of people remember what they watch. Therefore, video animation agencies need to create fascinating, eye-catching videos to capture viewers’ attention about the brand. To make these videos more appealing, corporate firms should use the signature style in the videos. A signature style refers to using brand colors and logos in a video or incorporating text about the brand into an animation video to make the video amazing for the audience.

• Place your logo appropriately to promote your brand.

Brand promotion can be increased by marketing the brand by using logos and taglines. To incorporate a variety of brand logos, the animators include adequate shots of the business’s logo throughout the video. The striking logos and the text attract people and build associations with the company and its services. For instance, potential customers motivated to know more about the brand will search websites where they can watch animated corporate videos that build brand awareness.

• Take care of the length of the video.

To increase customer engagement, businesses must make short, fascinating colorful videos that instantly attract wider audience. Unfortunately, some videos lose credibility as they are lengthy, and people don’t wait too long to gain information. Consequently, the audience drops interest and doesn’t bother to watch the video till end. Therefore, businesses must focus on video length to match people’s attention capacity and preferences. To keep up the momentum and engagement, the animators should create a minimum explainer video of no more than two minutes. In addition, the video should have stunning characters and storytelling that engage more viewers in less time.

• Videos should have humor and fun.

The element of humor in sales increases the level of congeniality. Therefore, interesting and captivating videos help people act on likeability and trigger their attention to know more about the brand. Therefore, it is immensely important for businesses to create this particular goal in mind when creating corporate videos. Let the audience share their emotions while watching an enthralling video; some of the viewers laugh and enjoy, remembering the mesmerizing music or engaging tone of the video or interesting jingle, a short song or tune that allows viewers to get excited and enjoy watching the videos. Hence, make your animated video attractive and immersive, as these successful videos help brand promotion and increase customer engagement.

• Make impressive Whiteboard animation corporate videos.

Today, most businesses integrate whiteboard animation into their marketing strategy and use these animation videos on the company’s website or social media. A unique video style has illustrations followed by a narration being told within the drawing. These animations are simple yet engaging and splendid for the viewers.

• Distribution Channels

To reach a wider audience, corporate firms need to upload videos on proper platforms that can bring more exposure to the brand. For instance, choose the appropriate social platform or marketing channel that meet the company’s requirement and help boost brand promotion. It could be either via Facebook or use video through email. Moreover, businesses can also upload videos on Instagram or YouTube. The videos should not be longer than 15 seconds or 30 seconds; an attractive tagline will work wonderfully. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the video, which will help build more customers on your site.

To Recapitulate

A great way to capture and hold visitors’ attention is to provide a short, compelling video about company’s brand. In today’s digital world, more people shop, work, and communicate online, creating extraordinary short corporate grab customer’s attention to purchase the product. The immersive videos create brand awareness and emotionally connect clients with the brand. Moreover, 90 percent of online consumers articulate that a business’ product video instantly helps them decide to buy. Similarly, many people visit a business’s website after watching a video. Fascinating videos triggers their mind to gain more information about the brand. Hence, a professional and outstanding corporate video builds product credibility and increases brand value globally.


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