Redesign Your Room With a Decorative Window Film


Window films can make a big difference in how a room looks from the outside looking in or from the inside looking out. These versatile films can add privacy to a room or make a plain window look like a stained glass window. Window films can make glass stronger and even prevent UV rays from entering a room. They can also make an old window more energy efficient while a person saves money for a new window.

Redesign Your Room With a Decorative Window Film

What is Window Film?

A window film is basically a strong, thin sheet of polyester laminate. This film can be treated in a number of ways to achieve different effects. Window films are used to improve the look and performance of existing windows or glass walls. Glass films should be applied to the interior side of the glass. The film has an adhesive side to bond to the window’s glass surface.

People who need a window film can go online and explore the different window film choices at Solar Tex. The company has glass film for window tinting, safety film, decorative film, and custom print film. They can supply window films to avoid sun glare, provide privacy, or make a business or home more secure.

What Are the Uses of Window Films?

Some of the most common uses for window films include:

• Saving energy. In some homes and businesses, up to 30% of the heating and cooling requirements are because of heat or cold passing through window glass. Adding the right window film can save on heating and cooling costs. The film acts as an insulator.

• Reducing glare. A building with large glass windows or walls can have a problem with sun glare for part of the day. Window films, when applied properly, can reduce glare by up to 87%.

• Protecting indoor surfaces and furnishings from fading due to UV rays passing through windows. Fading of floors, furniture, and other surfaces is caused by UV rays passing through windows, light, heat passing through windows, and other interior factors. Most of this fading can be prevented by using window films that block UV rays.

Adding Privacy to a room. Decorative window film that is frosted or has other designs can add privacy to any space with glass walls or windows. Bathroom windows are one example.

• Adding a decorative look. Decorative window films can add design and color to a room. Window films can come frosted, tinted, or colored, and have company logos, prints, and patterns including a stained glass look or an etched glass design.

• Providing Security and added safety. Security films are thicker and make glass harder to break and prevent the glass from shattering and causing injury.

Make a plane glass door insert, side light, or other window look like acid-etched glass or frosted glass while adding privacy.

• Give a stained glass look to cabinet doors, windows, or other glass surfaces. When it is not necessary to see through a glass, a stained window design can add a decorative element to a room.

Glass films have many uses in homes and commercial spaces. They are affordable and versatile. Another great feature of glass films is that they are removable and can be replaced at will. When a person wants a new look, they can change window film designs. Sometimes, those large glass expanses in commercial buildings become inconvenient with glare and lack of privacy. They can be improved with expertly installed window film in frosted patterns.


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