Why Enrol Your Child in the Mindchamps Reading Programme?


Reading helps brighten your children by opening up their minds to new ideas and endless possibilities. Reading provides many social, emotional, and intellectual benefits to young ones. The introduction of mindchamps reading programmes has even made it easier for children with three to six years to get a solid foundation to enhance lifelong learning. If you want your children to join the mindchamps reading program in Singapore, visit https://www.mindchamps.org/enrichment/mindchamps-reading/. Apart from such reading programs improving your child’s reading skills, they also help them improve their general confidence and thinking skills. Most mindchamps reading programmes focus on developing three aspects of cognitive learning as follows:

  • Creative mind – the child learns the best ways to use their imagination and easily connect some perspectives to come up with new ideas they’re passionate about to be better writers and readers.
  • Learning mind – your child learns practical aspects that promote better understanding, synthesis, recalling, and storing of helpful concepts and information to improve writing and reading.
  • Champion mind – involves mastery of particular skills, confidence, emotional resilience, and having the right mindset to get strong literacy abilities.

Importance of enrolling your child in the mindchamps reading programme

There are many skills that your children will get if they enrol in mindchamps reading programmes as follows:

1. Fluency

Fluency is important, especially in public speaking. It’s the wish of every parent to see their children being able to speak fluently without hesitation at some point in life. The mindchamps reading programmes can help in this. Your child will understand the rhythm and natural flow of ordinary language. This also becomes easier when the programme incorporates repetition, rhyme, and even songs, making it generally fun.

2. Structural awareness

It’s essential for your child to be aware of how various words should be used in a sentence to get a better meaning. Mindchamps reading programmes involve a lot of activities, including sharing stories, ideas, and songs. It becomes easier for your child to develop structural awareness whenever there are frequent conversations.

3. High order thinking skills

Mindchamps reading programmes play a significant role in enhancing your child’s high order thinking skills. The programmes incorporate theatre strategies and immersive reading, which nurtures the logical thinking of your child. In this case, your child won’t have any fear when it comes to asking questions to gain more knowledge.

4. Active understanding

This is a simple and effective way whereby a child can actively listen and translate what they get into the appropriate response or action. This doesn’t necessarily have to be listening but also when writing, speaking, or reading. Active understanding will foster the development of better thinking and analytical skills in children.

5. Engagement

These programmes play a significant role in making children engaged. When your children are engaged, they develop a love and passion for reading. This, in turn, nurtures their writing skills.

In conclusion, these are some top skills that your child will acquire from the mindchamps reading programmes. Others are phonemic awareness and vocabulary building.


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