Tech-Talks With The Spirits: 7 Gadgets To Upgrade Your Ghost Hunt This Year


No wonder technology has taken over the world. Either we are traveling from one corner to another corner of the world. Or, doing our daily house chores, everything requires modern equipment and the latest technology. It does not matter from which field you belong; the use of electronic gadgets is a must. Most people co-relate this technology term with scientific things.

Tech-Talks With The Spirits: 7 Gadgets To Upgrade Your Ghost Hunt This Year

When we are talking about technology, then how can we forget about the TV reality shows? Such shows have increased popularity as they know how to connect people. That is all because of their astounding graphics and sounds that make everything look real. Live shows like ghost trapping are one of the famous shows among youngsters. Here ghost investigators, like the other people, use high and modern technology to entrap the ghosts. Not only in the shows but the ghost hunters in real life too rely on specialized technology. Those days existed no more when there were ghost traps or proton packs used for such activities. It is the modern world that needs the latest gear to hunt the ghosts.

Most hunters prefer the night time to capture the ghost activity via thermometer, fluctuation, and so on. On the other hand, some use earthquake-detecting seismographs to identify the presence of ghosts. So, before starting your journey as a professional ghost investigator equipped yourself with some modern equipment. While looking for ghost-busting equipment online, reach out to the stores with the latest and upgraded devices like the ones available at spiritshack. You may not like this, but going to the danger den with old school tools might surprise you to death.

Modern Gears Used In Ghost Hunting

It would not be wrong to say that with time, everything gets changed, even the technology. That is why the ghost of the 21st century needs modern ways to get entrapped. So, if you are a ghost hunter and looking for some highly efficient yet scientific gears to catch them, then here you go. In this article, we will spill the beans on the latest equipment that you should add to your list to make your ghost hunting journey thrilling.

1. Full-Spectrum Thermal Cameras

Like we said earlier, most ghost hunters believed that these paranormal activities catch on the cameras. For this purpose, they do not hesitate and spend tons of dollars on thermal and full spectrum cameras. Mostly, the search for ghosts takes place in the dark, so we need a camera that can work well even in no light. Hence, these cameras with the sensors work best with heat-finding abilities. As we all know that these ghosts use energy to show their presence, so these thermal cameras dare to detect near UV and Infrared rays.

2. Infrared Thermometers

Yes, you heard it right. One of the known theories about these ghosts is that they use energy to mark their presence. So, infrared thermometers are one of the essentials of your ghost hunting kit. With them, you can find the cold spot that shows the presence of a ghost at that place. However, you can also buy an infrared thermometer gun for around 30 to 50 dollars. So many ghost hunters have used these thermometers with laser pointers and air monitoring devices. But, the drop in temperature at a specific place embarks their presence in the surrounding. So, before it is too late, get your hands on it, if you have not yet.

3. Electronic Voice Phenomenon Detector (EVP)

One of the most significant staples of the ghost hunting kit of this time includes EVP. These are digital audio recording systems that make the inaudible sound audible to humans. They are highly efficient in picking the background voices and static radio transmissions. In this manner, they give almost accurate results when any paranormal activity is around.

4. White Noise Generator

It is the kind of device that works in combination with the EVP. Most of the ghost investigators confirm the paranormal sounds via a white noise generator. They generally create a static sound by combining it with various audio frequencies. Do not forget to place the EVP detector next to the white noise generator for better results. Meanwhile, many people claim that these devices filter out the background noises and only transmit ghost speeches.

5. Electromagnetic Field Detector

There is no hidden fact that ghost trapping is not an easy task. Everyone works according to some beliefs and theories. According to some people, they can detect ghosts via a change in energy. However, a few believe that they can identify them via electromagnetic residue. So, these hunters measure electric fields by changing the current to detect the spirits. One can find these devices online or at a store at affordable rates, around 50 to 200 dollars.

6. Binary Response Device Or Yes/No Boxes

Another essential tool recommended by most paranormal investigators is this. We all are aware that most of them talk to the ghost to solve their queries. Hence, this binary response device is your go-to option to get all your answers from the spirits. It has lights on the sides of the gadgets that blink green and red on the answers. These lights indicate yes, or no and left and right. On the other side, the Gyroscope Digital Talking Board has a proper keyboard with alphabets.

7. P-Sb11 Ghost Box

It is the device used to communicate with the ghosts verbally. They work with the white noise generator or EVP for better performance. Some users believe that they can yell questions into the hollow spaces to hear voices from the beyond as answers. Its various advanced models are available in the market as a spirit box.


Everyone knows the fact that our life revolves around modern technology. To complete our daily life tasks we need some essential tools and equipment. Similarly, trapping and tracing paranormal activities is not as easy as it looks in TV shows. It requires experienced and skilled ghost investigators with some excellent quality and advanced equipment. Such instruments will aid in taping and capturing the image of ghosts. Also, they help in confirming the presence of spirits via frequencies, temperature, and electrical residues.


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