Your Guide to the Best Themes and Party Ideas for Your Next Event


There are a whole lot of parties nowadays – and why not? People are finding any excuse to celebrate, and the end of the pandemic and the easing of lockdowns is an as good excuse as any! But if you do have an actual event coming up – whether it’s the birthday of a loved one, a couple’s anniversary, a corporate family day, or what-not – you may want to make the event extra special – after all, we haven’t had reason to celebrate for two (and more) years! But as with any event, it’s not just the thought that counts – the actions mean a lot, so why not have a theme? Granted, there are plenty of themes and ideas out there, but are they right for your party? It’s best if you can take your pick, so we’ve made it simple for you – here’s your guide to the best themes and party ideas for your next event.

Your Guide to the Best Themes and Party Ideas for Your Next Event

1. A fan party

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Doctor Who or die-hard over Harry Potter – lots of people have done it before, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a fan party, either. Let’s admit it – we all love bonding over our hobbies in common, so if you and your friends have any favourite film or franchise, just choose the main colour theme of the franchise and any key identifying features (like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the iconic telephone booth in Doctor Who) and have a blast! Of course, it makes sense for the guests to come in costume, and for the food, go for anything with a logo or the faces of the characters – like biscuits and sandwiches and a fun cake. For activities, you can go all-out with board games, photo booths, fan trivia contests, and costume competitions.

2. A brunch with a twist

If you’re tired of evening affairs or would simply like a change, a brunch event would work wonders (and you could host it during a regular workday if you’re planning a corporate get-together). It’s all about the planning and execution, of course, but you can go for a brunch with a twist by having it catered, and you can even set up a full buffet with fresh juice and coffee, an omelette station, crepes and waffles, fruit and yoghurt, and lots of pastries. If you want extra colour and excitement for your brunch, you can have it outdoors and hire stalls for games such as hook a duck and coconut shy. There are plenty of fairground stall hire specialists out there who can bring life to your brunch, and it’s a good way to bring some competition to it, too – and, of course, prizes!

3. A night at the casino

Another favourite theme and party idea is a night at the casino – it’s a sure winner (pun intended). But kidding aside, this theme works well for almost any event involving adults, and you can bring Vegas to the indoors with neon lights and fountains. For food, mini pizzas and finger sandwiches will be a big hit, and caviar is a must! If you’re looking for event ideas, you can hold a silent auction or a raffle, and you can kill two birds with one stone by pairing it with a charity for a fundraiser.


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