Smart Bathroom Design Tips


The approach to the design of bathrooms is gradually changing. Now this part of the house is more like a living room and is integrated into the overall style of the apartment. The bathroom is filled with elements that were not previously associated with it: plants, versatile pieces of furniture, not only white plumbing, original decor. All this makes you not only have a shower in your bathroom but also gamble with a Woo Casino login and even read there. Designers suggest placing emphasis on brevity, ergonomics, natural materials in the decoration and “lively” decor.

Smart Bathroom Design Tips

A Glass Partition Instead of a Shower Enclosure

Glass screens in the shower area take the place of bulky shower cabins. You need to raise the floor and mount a drain. With a partition, the enclosed space of the bathroom becomes more voluminous, and the transparent glass without unnecessary details looks stylish and modern.

Eco-friendliness and Natural Textures

Eco-trends have reached the bathroom. The desire for natural, natural colors in the interior is a global trend in bathroom design. So, in the decoration and decoration of bathrooms, there are more natural materials (stone, marble, granite, onyx), plants, furniture in wood tones. Porcelain tiles wonderfully imitate the texture of wood, stone and concrete.

Nothing Extra

The design of modern bathroom fixtures and furniture tends to laconicism and minimalism. The less details the better. Faucets, drawers, toilets are mounted in the wall, showers are installed at floor level, without a shower tray. Avoiding the visual noise and fragmentation of surfaces, you can achieve a sense of volume, integrity and a single, unencumbered space.

Suspended Furniture

Ergonomic hanging furniture is visually appealing and practical to use: less dust accumulates, easier to keep order in the bathroom. We are talking about suspended drawers, cabinets, toilets, which are attached to the wall. Both large and small bathrooms only benefit from this trend.

Furniture in Wood Shades

White bathroom furniture is a classic that is always relevant. But if you want more warmth and coziness, choose furniture in wood shades: sink countertops, cabinets, hangers made of wood, impregnated with moisture-resistant solutions.

Living Plants

Urban Jungle is a whole philosophy of life with a mass of followers around the world. This trend has not ignored the bathroom. Succulents on the sink, a palm tree on the floor – who says that living plants have no place in the bathroom?

Freestanding Bathtubs

If you prefer a bathroom to a shower, and your bathroom is quite spacious, consider freestanding models that aren’t enclosed by a screen underneath. Vintage bathtubs with brass fixtures, Japanese bowls, and classic streamlined shapes are on trend.

Smart Gadgets

Faucets with control of water volume and temperature, shower with touch control, double shower faucets with individual settings – technology has not bypassed the most sacred place in the apartment.


Ready-made “cabinet, sink, and mirror” sets are no longer in fashion. It’s better to choose separate items, such as a cabinet with a sink, a mirror, or a storage system. Furniture and plumbing should be in the same style, but not necessarily from the same set.

Bathroom Tiles: What to Choose

Trends don’t limit us much in the choice of color combinations, but there are options that are already on the black list of designers, and solutions that will be relevant in the near future.

Outdated trends:

  • We say a firm “no” to tiles with realistic panels and 3D-printing with images of dolphins, cityscapes, portraits.
  • Borders with mosaics and floral ornaments, sets of “basic tile plus d├ęcor” are a thing of the past.
  • Giving up the fashion for complex forms of tiles, such as hexagons.
  • White grout is replaced by tile-colored grout.
  • Plastic tile corners cheapen the interior and should be discarded.

These are some new trends:

  • Natural, natural, understated hues that rest the eye on are trending.
  • Monochrome bathrooms look austere and stylish. An interior in black gains respectability, while white bathroom fixtures and light decorative elements create beautiful classic combinations.
  • Use different shades of the same color to create a calm, but not boring environment.
  • Actual look accent walls of tiles of a different color.
  • Choosing active and saturated colors, give preference to glossy “candy” tones (menthol, azure, pink), or opt for a matte texture and deep complex shades (emerald, dark gray).
  • If the walls of the bathroom are in the same color, they can be varied by combining tiles of different sizes: for example, the wall below can be tiled with a large tile, and the top with a smaller one.

Tips for a Small Bathroom

Make use of vertical storage: hinged cabinets, niches, shelves, multi-level narrow shelving and carts, door hooks.

Use the space above the door by hanging a shelf there. It is suitable for storing things that you do not use every day. For example, to store clean bath towels.

Replace “rods,” hangers, and towel dryers with hooks that attach to the wall. Choose suction cup hooks – you don’t even have to drill anything for them.

The niche in the wall behind the toilet will allow you to hide the counters and give you extra storage space.

Suspended furniture or furniture with high legs is ideal for small rooms, as it visually lightens and increases the space.


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