5 Collarbone Tattoo Designs for Men


In recent times, tattoos have become a fashion statement. Everybody from teenage boys to young adults, everyone is getting a tattoo. The trend of tattoos is not only increasing in men but also in women. A lot of women are also getting tattooed on their bodies without any fear of judgement. We are living in 2023. Everyone has the right to do whatever they feel like doing with their body. If we see, many men prefer tattoos on spots, like shoulders, arms, biceps, wrists, calves, neck, chest, forearm etc. as that are more visible and everyone can see them. But there is one spot which is very visible and a tattoo on that spot that will look perfect is Collarbone.

Not many men opt for this tattoo spot as the tattoo is placed on the bone and as there is less fat on that area, so, it’s going to pain a lot during the procedure. But getting a tattoo would be worth the pain as the tattoo on this area is going to look very aesthetic and sexy. This spot is perfect for someone who wants to show off their tattoo designs to the world, as collarbone tattoos get noticed easily and that’s the whole point of getting a tattoo.

If you are someone who wants to get a tattoo on your collarbone and is very confused about the design, then, here is the list of some cool collarbone tattoo designs you can try:

Minimalistic Collarbone Tattoo Designs:

Nowadays, if we see people are getting bored with large pieces of tattoos and they want to get something which is minimal in size and easy on your pockets. That’s the main reason why people are opting for this tattoo design. Minimalistic tattoo design is not that complicated. They tend to be simple in nature and you can make a statement even with your smallest tattoo design. This tattoo design doesn’t require any professional tattoo artist to do this tattoo, any artist with less experience can also do this design without any mistakes. This tattoo design is for someone who wants less detailed tattoo design and is looking for a small tattoo session.

Snake Collarbone Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo design is for someone who is looking for a tattoo design which is a little scary and intimidating. The snake tattoo is a perfect design for men. Not only is this design intimidating or scary, but it is also associated with fertility, wisdom and transformation. Well, there are 2 types of opinion regarding the snake design. The 1st is that people think that this tattoo design represents re-birth as the snake sheds its skin. The 2nd is that people see the snake as a sinister (something evil or dangerous). No matter what your opinion is, we all can agree that the snake tattoo design is perfect for a collarbone tattoo as it can twist around the collarbone.

Quote Collarbone Tattoo Designs:

If you are someone who is looking for a meaningful tattoo design and does not know what picture you want to get tattooed. Then you can simply get the tattoo of a quote which inspires you every time you look at it. It does not matter if you get a picture tattooed or a quote. All that matters is the intention or meaning behind that tattoo. With the quote tattoo, you can get a tattoo of any quote which inspires you. It can be anything like lyrics of a song, passage from the book you love, or the statement you heard and is stuck in your head. Well, if you are planning to get a quote tattoo on your collarbone. Then select a quote which is less in words and greater in meaning. As the area on your collarbone is limited and it cannot fit long quotes.

Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo Designs:

If you think that butterfly tattoo designs were relevant in the 1990’s and nowadays nobody gets inked with a butterfly tattoo, then you are completely wrong about. This butterfly design is still relevant and a lot of men and women opt for this design because it represents beauty, transformation, growth and other powerful symbolism which are associated with it. This simple creature is very beautiful to look at. This tattoo design can be good in both black and colored ink. If you ever get confused with a design, then you can always go with the butterfly tattoo design. As this design is never getting out of fashion. With this tattoo design, you can combine it with a lot of other tattoo designs as well.

Flowers Collarbone Tattoo Designs:

Flower tattoo design can give you classic, unique and old school vibes. If you are looking for that kind of tattoo design, then you can opt for flower tattoo designs. The flower tattoo on the collarbone can look great in the collarbone location, and with this design you can get it small and big, whatever the size you want. There are a lot of flowers you can choose from, like rose, lotus, daisy, lily etc. according to your choice. The flowers are associated with the beauty and life. This tattoo design can look very good in any style, like bold, colored or black ink. Whatever you decide, this design is going to look very amazing and will hold a deep meaning for you personally.

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Final words

So, these are 5 Collarbone Tattoo Designs that men can try. There are many other designs you can try on your collarbone. But the 5 listed above are the best designs anyone can try. If you are planning to get this tattoo design, then get it done by a tattoo artist who is experienced. And has worked on the collarbone before as this area is a little tricky and can cause a lot of pain during the procedure. There are a lot of tattoo studio in Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru etc. Who can do these tattoo designs on your collarbone.


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