Discover the Three Benefits of LED Vapor Tight Lighting


Vapor-tight light fixtures, also known as “wet location” lighting, are sealed and gasketed luminaires designed to withstand the elements in indoor and outdoor settings. Typically, these luminaires are installed on ceilings, soffits, walls or anywhere else in commercial and industrial buildings or facilities where there is a worry about exposure to water, dust or other factors.

Discover the Three Benefits of LED Vapor Tight Lighting

The operation of LEDs has several intrinsic benefits over using fluorescent bulbs in lighting fixtures. LED wet location fixtures are versatile lighting options that you may use in various wet, humid, and dusty environments. This versatility is a significant advantage of enclosed and gasketed LED lights.

When it comes to a vapor proof light fixture, the most common and important decision is whether or not to use an LED tube inside an existing fixture or construct a new LED vapor-tight fixture. The customer’s needs and limitations in terms of available resources and preferred performance level will determine the outcome of this choice. Of course, both scenarios are plausible.

The three primary advantages of LED vapor-tight lighting are as follows:

1. Reducing energy use

One of the most noticeable advantages customers enjoy when switching to LED lighting from incandescent lighting is a reduction in their monthly electric bill. You probably already know that LEDs save money on electricity compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lighting may last 25 times longer than typical incandescent lighting while using 75% less energy, according to a recent analysis by

In addition, LED vapor-tight lighting can further prolong the energy savings of your LED lighting fixtures, even if you subject them to severe weather. It is because vapor-tight LED lighting is inherently designed to last longer and function better than standard LED lighting. As a result, a customer may save even more money on their electricity bill by selecting vapor-tight lighting instead of standard LED lighting.

2. Better lighting performance

LED Vapor-Tight Fixtures with a multi-point design equitably distribute light throughout an area. The fact that LED lighting can produce any hue of light is another one of its many benefits. There is a vast color palette available for use with LED lights. In certain circles, this concept is known as the Correlated Color Temperature. You will be able to modify the brightness seen visually due to this.

In situations that need high-performance lighting, the hue of the light is a significant consideration. Companies that fall within this category include those that create goods or process food. Outdoor retail establishments must also pay close attention to the color control of their lights. They want their consumers to have a clear view of their items and signage. After dark, customers feel protected and at ease when there is sufficient illumination. Businesses open throughout the evening, and late hours significantly benefit when they have enough lighting.

Employees will also have a more positive experience with the illumination provided by LED vapor tight lighting. The performance of workers also improves when the lighting is better. It also helps cut down on accidents. The costs may quickly increase when customers or staff get injuries from slip and fall accidents.

3. Lowering the price of maintenance

Compared to typical fluorescent light fixtures, LEDs have a substantially longer operational life due to how they create light and advance through their useful life. Because LED vapor-tight lights are not adversely impacted by cycling, they can be turned on and off repeatedly without causing damage; they are an excellent choice for settings where you may switch the lighting on and off regularly. This is just one of the many benefits that can be gained from using these lights. In addition, light-emitting diodes perform very well in low-temperature settings and would not be susceptible to the adverse impacts on product lifespan that are encountered by fluorescent lights in applications that are functionally equivalent.

LED vapor-tight lighting is a good choice if you need to install new lights inside or outdoors where they could be subjected to moisture, dust or other erosive elements. More than only lowering your total cost of ownership, using LED vapor tight lighting may also help you save time and money by reducing the frequency with which you have to replace your lights.


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