The Importance of the Velvet Rope for Your Hotel Lobby


Presenting a hotel lobby as welcoming and comfortable is extremely important. Hotel lobbies are the first stop on any vacation or visit to a different city. When entering a hotel lobby, people notice the cleanliness of everything first. People not only see the lack of dust but also the clean lines the architecture and decorating have brought. Velvet rope stanchions add to these clean lines in lobby decorating by sectioning off areas without being cold and oppressive.

The Importance of the Velvet Rope for Your Hotel Lobby

Hotel owners should take their time deciding how their hotel’s lobby looks. Choosing the right furniture, lighting, indoor plants, and stanchion barriers are vital. Finding the right style for a hotel lobby, like velvet rope stanchions from Impact Brass, can go a long way toward making the hotel’s visitors feel welcomed.

Types of Stanchions

Stanchions serve the purpose of both blocking entry and directing traffic within the premises. They work as a flourish for events and help keep things orderly.
Rope stanchions come in three classic finial styles, defined by the top they use. A finial is the stanchion’s top, while the bottom is just called the base.

  • Ball Gives a very distinguished look to the room, suitable for grand events
  • Crown The most popular of the three styles of rope stanchions, seen most commonly at red carpet events around the world
  • Flat A more contemporary look which is ideal for a more traditional touch to the setting
    Stanchion bases come in two traditional styles:
  • Profile Base Offers a gentle slope and is widely used to form waiting lines, such as at events and theaters.
  • Dome Base A more traditional base that’s smaller in diameter but taller than Profile bases. Perfect for barring access to restricted areas as well as waiting lines.

When purchasing stanchions, buyers can mix and match the finial style of their choice with their favorite base. Matching a dome base with a ball finial provides a prestigious look for any event.

The chosen rope for the stanchions also plays a large part. Stanchion ropes come in various materials, the most common being cotton core ropes. Velvet and Naugahyde are the two most commonly used decorative coverings for cotton core ropes. Velvet comes in the most comprehensive range of colors while providing a luxurious look and feel. Naugahyde looks close to leather while having the ease of cleaning vinyl. Naugahyde should only be sparingly for outdoor settings. The third option for stanchions is braided ropes made of twists of Rayon fibers. Rayon has a very soft touch, making it a luxurious feel popular in banks, churches, and casinos.

Remember to pick a matching rope end to complete the stanchion’s look. Rope ends come in two choices:

  • Snap Hook – The most commonly used rope end on stanchion setups. Snap hooks get their name from their spring-loaded lever that works the hook’s closure.
  • Open Hook – Useful for stanchions that are moved a lot or have ropes that are opened for traffic often. Open hooks are less secure than snap hook ends, which use their spring lever to ensure they don’t come detached. Open hooks are still handy for small lobbies at banks and theaters.

Choosing the Best Stanchions

Don’t let the stress of making your hotel look its best get in the way. Make your hotel’s lobby look luxurious and welcoming with the right combination of stanchion base, finial, style of rope, and color.


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