How to Style a Beanie for Men?


With the rising popularity of hipster and streetwear clothing styles, the beanie has become more of a fashion statement for men rather than just a necessity. There is a growing trend among men to wear beanies of various shapes, colors, and styles with casual and sporty clothes, as well as formal attire. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to wear a suit, dress shoes, and coat while wearing a beanie. An easy-to-wear and stylish accessory, it can be incorporated into your everyday outfits as well.

How to Style a Beanie for Men

Do you worry that your beanie will look the same no matter what you choose? Are you feeling uninspired and unmotivated to go beanie shopping? You needn’t worry because this winter, you can rock tons of cool beanies by following our tips, tricks, and inspiration.

What types of beanies can you get?

Men’s beanies have evolved beyond the childhood beanie that you stuffed your head into before going outside to play in the snow. With so many styles to choose from, you can wear them with virtually anything. It’s even possible to find them in embroider designs or with sewn-on patches, that too, at reasonable rates. If you want to shop affordable yet stylish beanies, check out for a variety of options.

Before we move on to helping you find your dream beanie, let’s take a look at what beanies are available

• Classic beanie

A classic beanie is your old-fashioned beanie with a simple and plain look. These are usually thin, and they are often knitted with thin wool or cotton and have a cuff.

• The fisherman beanie

In the 18th century, fishermen and hunters, as the name suggests, wore fisherman beanies to protect themselves against the weather outdoors. Unlike the traditional beanie, the fisherman beanie is usually thicker and made of fleece or cotton.

• Pom-pom beanie or bobble beanie

Despite its childish appearance, the pom-pom beanie is not to be dismissed just yet. If you think the pom-pom at the top looks inappropriate on a grown man, its origin story might surprise you. Throughout history, soldiers wore helmets with pompoms to differentiate between regiments in the military. You should be careful not to pick an oversized or a small pom-pom when purchasing this one.

• Beanie with a slouchy fit

During the past decade, slouchy beanies have become increasingly popular with hipster outfits. Their relaxed, chill vibe has been widely embraced. Wearing a slouchy beanie can be a bit tricky, as it can look hipster-cool and silly at the same time.

• Brimmed beanie

Although we do not favor wearing a brim on a beanie – brims belong on caps – we briefly mention them because they exist.

You may think that none of these beanies would suit you after viewing different styles. However, fear not, as we’ve got you covered with a beanie that’s perfect for you.

How to style a beanie according to the occasion?

No matter how cold the weather is, a beanie is not appropriate for black-tie events. Even if you absolutely need to wear one, avoid being seen in public as you will be charged with a fashion faux pas! However, in any other situation, we give a green signal! Let’s check out places where you can wear a beanie:

  • At Work
  • When dressed casually
  • With streetwear

What is the right way to wear a beanie at work?

A beanie can also be styled with more formal outfits, such as business suits. It is especially worn by commuters who are forced to stand at bus or train stations in cold weather on their way to work. Although you wouldn’t don a beanie to a board meeting, it is totally appropriate for work. Even when wearing a crisp white tie and a suit, your winter coat and beanie will keep you warm and dry. You will look sharp in a white shirt paired with charcoal pants and brown boots. Beanies with or without a cuff are suitable in this case since they are thin and tight-fitting.

How to style your beanie with a casual outfit?

In casual outfits, you can choose beanies that are thicker and looser, and even let them slouch.

The smartest thing to wear on a first date is jeans, a knit sweater paired with jeans, a shearling coat, ankle boots, and a cuffed beanie. Match the color of your overcoat with your beanie for extra brownie points!

What are some tips for wearing a beanie streetwear style?

A streetwear beanie can be sporty or casual, depending on what you like.

For a perfect autumn outfit, style your winter denim jacket with jeans and a knitted-sweater. Throw in a pair of Chukka boots, and finish off your look with a loose beanie and sunglasses that suits your face shape.

Wondering how you should style your beanie for concerts? Layer a jumper over a buttoned shirt (or T-shirt), throw on a bomber jacket and complete the look with the same sunglasses and slouchy beanie combo.

Winter is the perfect time to layer khaki pants with a parka, lace-up boots in black, along with a fisherman beanie to keep you warm.

Beanie shopping: What’s the right way?

Wear the outfit you want to wear with the beanie when shopping for a new one, or at least wear something similar. In other words, if you are looking for a sleek beanie to wear with your office outfit, go shopping for it wearing your coat.

If you are looking for a streetwear-style beanie, you can go out wearing a bomber or denim jacket over a knit sweater.

To ensure the beanie you are purchasing fits with your entire casual outfit, wear your camel coat or shearling, along with Chelsea or Chukka boots.

Use the following points for guidance before you go shopping.

  • Beanie with cuffs (slim material) is suitable for formal occasions
  • The traditional beanie (cuffed or not) or the fisherman’s beanie fit the casual category
  • A Slouchy or fisherman beanie is best styled with streetwear or a sporty outfit

Key takeaways:

  • Make sure a slouchy beanie does not droop too much, or it will look out of place
  • Bobble hats can be worn with both casual and sporty outfits, so don’t be afraid to try them
  • Wearing a brimmed hat is not recommended
  • To add extra style to your beanie, pair it with sunglasses

Fashion and comfort don’t have to be opposites but can actually complement each other quite well. If you find the right style for your face and occasion, then the world is your oyster when it comes to beanies. Wear a beanie with a variety of clothing styles this winter to keep your head warm.


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