The 15 Skills You Should Build to Improve Your Digital Marketing Practices


Marketing online can be complicated initially if you are still learning strategies, skills, and approaches. There are multiple ways you can improve your marketing approaches. These 15 digital marketing skills can help you compete against the rest.

The 15 Skills You Should Build to Improve Your Digital Marketing Practices

The Essentials

1. Writing Style

Though you may be an excellent writer, the style you use can change the effectiveness of your work. There are all types of people online, so your main goal should be to relate to as many audiences as possible. Expert digital markets are capable of appealing to multiple varieties of niche audiences. Think of it this way: when you are explaining a concrete idea to children, you need to simplify your diction and comparison usage. This scenario also applies to unique niches online. Make sure you are directly speaking to your audience in a style that they can understand, appreciate and relate to.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Tons of amateur digital markets aren’t aware of SEO or search engine marketing. SEO marketing refers to the intention of words that are incorporated into projects. The primary result online marketers desire is making their content accessible to a variety of individuals on the internet. By using keywords, marketers can increase the chances of their work being viewed by a wider audience. The reason why SEO marketing is so effective is due to online users searching for specific results. By implementing keywords, you can receive higher interaction rates, expanding your virtual audience.

3. Social Media

Learning about the benefits of marketing on social media is a wonderful skill to have. Digital marketing doesn’t just have to be done through websites and ads. Social media has provided digital markets with endless opportunities. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, and a plethora of other social media sites can be utilized for digital marketing. From promoting your business, growing your individualistic brand, and interacting with fellow users, social media boosts your marketing abilities.

4. Analytics

Most applications online offer analytical data of your marketing performance. Data can be tricky to read, but it does provide online creators with valuable insights. The reason why data is important to digital markets is the established awareness gained by regularly checking your analytics. You will discover what areas are thriving, and what areas need work. This is how businesses are able to decide whether changes are required for the future success of their brand.

5. Graphic Design

Visuals are often more impactful than your words. As a digital marketer, it’s crucial for you to know graphic design basics. Anyone can create even simple designs that are visually appealing and engaging. Apps like Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud are two resources for graphic design newbies. These free apps provide limitless creative options, and quick fixes for designing needs and requirements.

Technical Skills

6. Copywriting

Copywriting is the curation of messages in digital marketing. Ads, social media posts, and landing pages are all places where copywriting is conducted online. In order to correctly copyright, you must speak to your specific audience so that your marketing approach can be effective. All digital marketers should know copywriting basics because it’s a staple factor of online marketing. “If you are just starting out with digital marketing, copywriting is a great place to start. It’s one of the best technical skills that’s worth building early on into your marketing career,” concludes Beth Saunders, social media writer at

7. Automation

Digital marketers know the frustration of repetitive tasks. This is why learning about how you can use automation to decrease your time spent marketing is essential. Automation is usually done via landing pages on a website, links, and any call to action approaches. Being able to connect all of your advertisements and work online makes the function of your marketing far more coherent.

8. Websites

Without a website, digital marketing isn’t as easy. Your website can diversify your digital marketing because everything can lead back to it. All of your work on social media, third party sites, collaborations, and brand in general can coexist on your website. The majority of notorious websites use WordPress. You can either purchase a plan or build your own site through Even if you choose another application to build a website with, the important thing to keep in mind is how websites are an asset to your digital marketing.

9. Finances

We all can’t be math experts, but with a solid understanding of digital finances, your marketing practices will become more calculated and precise. Digital marketers don’t work for fun and creation alone. Money is still the main motivator in the digital marketing space. Familiarize yourself with financial basics, and how money is earned through digital marketing.

10. Excel

Organization is an underrated skill. Planning, analysis, and tracking can improve your overall organization as a digital marketor. You are likely aware of Excel applications and spreadsheets. Consistently using spreadsheets and becoming well versed with Excel programming is in your best interest.

Relationship Skills

11. Email Marketing

Emails often can stir up chaos if written without proper intention. Writing effective emails takes practice. Take time to work on your email writing and messaging. Focus on how you can build stronger relationships with your audience and business partners through your email marketing.

12. Customer Service

Whether you provide services, are marketing for a business, or promoting your brand online, quality customer service is mandatory. Audiences don’t appreciate when brands fail to build genuine connections. Avoid poor service by investing in strong AI assistance, and prioritizing fulfilling the needs of your customer before your own.

13. Collaborations

Marketers that collaborate with other creators and companies can achieve greater success. All types of relationships are valuable, especially when it comes to the marketing industry. By producing ad campaigns with another brand, you can both benefit by sharing your audiences, receiving more exposure, and strong teamwork.

14. Communication

Your communication skills can make or break your online relationships. If you lack empathy, confidence, and strong communication, you’ll struggle to build essential bonds. Clear and healthy communication is one of the foundations digital marketers must build as soon as they start their work online.

15. Management

You could be marketing alone, for a company, or amongst a team of other marketers. All digital marketing instances will cause you to show your management skills. Managing includes leading, running, and completing marketing tasks. Being a team player, finding solutions to issues, and initiating digital marketing strategies all rely on your management abilities.

The amount of essential, technical, and relationship based skills you have impact your digital marketing expertise. Working on building these skills will help you improve your future digital marketing practices.


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