Managing Visitors in a Busy Workplace


These days companies need to be extra careful about visitors to the workplace. It is impossible to know everyone’s intention, and there are far too many people looking to exploit a situation or, worse, are looking to commit a crime. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep tabs on visitors, from tracking apps, cameras, and other high-tech solutions. In institutions like schools, it is essential to know who is supposed to be there and if someone is not where they should be. This type of surveillance is a form of security, but it can be utilized by reception and receiving personnel with excellent proficiency.

Managing Visitors in a Busy Workplace

• Visitor Management: Visitor management keeps you informed of the whereabouts of people who are generally not expected to be at a given location. The technology continues to advance, and companies like Taremtec provide excellent software to keep schools and workplaces safe. Some companies have found that it is better to track people by assigning them a device to carry, like tablets or phones. Corporate espionage is a genuine problem, and the more intellectual information a company possesses, the more vulnerable they are to prying eyes. It is no longer sufficient to rely on a sign-in sheet at reception.

• School Management: In schools, you have the situation that you wish to know all the details and activity of the visitors, but the location of the students is also essential. A student might have a reason to be off-campus or in a different part of the school. A student might have an appointment, or perhaps they have slipped away like students are known to do. Today you can have software and relevant hardware installed to keep track of all the details, so there are no surprises. And then when a student is not where they should be, there is less chance of a misunderstanding. The same software can be applied to visitors; you can be checked in by camera and provided with a photo ID pass that gets registered in the system.

• Deliveries and After-Hours Visits: Logistics companies are doing a booming business, and companies received vast amounts of deliveries today, everything from take-out food to high-tech laboratory equipment. Receiving deliveries used to be a common weak point in company security. It is a pervasive way to gain access to secure locations and gather information or steal valuable materials. There should be no reason for any unexplained or unauthorized deliveries with suitable systems in place, and now delivery people can be tracked by a camera and through applications. A similar strategy should be employed for after-hour workers, who also have been known to take advantage of security loopholes.

We may not always enjoy the new high surveillance world we live in, but there is no reason not to take advantage of the advancements when it comes to your business, which is not a public space. When you are protecting private or government property, only good things can be gained from making sure, everyone is where they should be at all times. Modern advancements are making this easier all the time.


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