Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Body Armours in Australia


Everybody talks about the importance of a helmet for a fun and safe ride. But, not many people are aware of motorcycle body armour and its role in guaranteeing a safe ride.

Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Body Armours in Australia

This article aims to enlighten readers about the importance of motorcycle body armour, types of body armours, and things to consider while choosing one.

What are motorcycle body armours, and why is it important?

Motorcycle body armours are those pieces of protective gear used while riding a motorcycle to shield bones, skin, and other body parts from serious injuries. Body armours can increase a rider’s satisfaction as it makes the ride more enjoyable and stress-free.

These armours save the rider’s body from fatal scratches and rashes, saves him from shocks during accidents. Some quality armours can return to their original shape to protect the rider from repeated hits during accidents.

What are the different types of Motorcycle body armours for riders?

Inserts: Inserts are a type of body armour worn inside a jacket or trousers for increased protection. Inserts can be used to replace inbuilt protection found in body armours. Riders often remove inbuilt protections and use inserts in their place to get the comfort and lightness they desire.

Back Protectors: Back protectors resemble a shield and, as the name suggests, protect a rider’s back from serious injuries. Back protectors can be strapped onto a person’s back with ease. It has straps to attach to the person’s shoulders and back to provide a snug fit and a feeling of safety.

Armoured Shirts: These can be worn underneath a jacket and are suitable for a person who travels daily. Armoured shirts are less embossed than other armours and hence give a great sense of comfort and performance.

Rib Protectors: these armours protect the rider’s ribs from any damage during an accident. It is best suited for off-road missions and can be conveniently worn underneath a jacket or a jersey.

Harnesses: Harnesses are armoured shirts without the shirt part. Hence, they can be worn above any outfit by strapping them onto the body at different places.

How to choose the best motorcycle armour?

Consider these things to choose the best body armour:


Riders purchase armour for different reasons. Hence, the type of armour a person wants will depend on his comfort, personal preference, and many other factors. For instance, if a rider already has a jacket and wants to replace the inbuilt protections because it is either damaged or uncomfortable, then he should opt for inserts that suit his jacket.

Rib protectors and harnesses are suitable for people going on off-road trips, while armoured shirts are best for daily commute.


Fit is another important aspect that determines a good quality body armour. Motorcycle armours come to increase comfort and reduce the chances of accidents. But an ill-fitting armour can produce opposite results. Hence, it is important to choose an armour that fits a person perfectly not only in terms of size but also in terms of comfort. Material and thickness are important factors that determine the comfort of an armour.

CE Certified

It is important to know that there isn’t a standard certification that indicates the quality of safety gears in Australia. Australia has prescribed standards only for helmets and goggles. In the EU, CE certifications are offered to safety gears if they are deemed fit to riders after undergoing a series of tests under various conditions.

EN 1621-1, EN 1621-2, EN 13595, EN 13634, and EN 13594 are impact factor numbers used to indicate CE-certified products under categories like protection for limbs, back, suits, boots, and gloves.

Since there is no such standard in Australia, riders have no compulsion to choose a certified product. Hence, personal preference is always the prime priority.


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