How WordPress Can Benefit Your Future Career


Is WordPress knowledge a good skill to have? Even if your main goal isn’t developing, the answer is positive! At the most basic level, understanding how to build a website using existing WordPress themes and plugins makes job seekers invaluable, especially when it comes to roles that involve technology and marketing.

How WordPress Can Benefit Your Future Career

Not every company has a budget for web design, but they still need a website to make a good impression. Even though it is a technical platform, the user does not have to be an IT specialist to master it. Anyone can make a breakthrough in their career with the help of WordPress, without any professional qualifications or formal training.

Whether you are a blogger, designer, marketer, content creator, educator, astrology essay topics researcher and writer, or even a conceptual artist – you can find career opportunities with WP.

If you are thinking of building a career with the help of WordPress, then check out these ways and useful skills you can use in many future careers.

Content Management

You can take on a job as a content marketing manager, managing a WordPress-based website for a company. Or you could start your blog or other website running on WordPress.

You can also take on freelance projects setting up new WordPress sites for clients using one of the thousands of premium or free themes available out there. Knowing how to do things like install plugins and make basic changes to themes can also be useful if you want to work as a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist.

Content Management

A lot of themes allow you to customize the design and features of the site without coding. Having an eye for design and knowing how to make these customizations can be a great way to get clients in many niches!

Web Development

To become a WordPress developer and pursue similar positions professionally, you need time, patience, energy, good determination, and hard work.

Just learning how to install WordPress or changing themes sadly doesn’t make you a WordPress developer. To pursue a career that needs solid skills, a developer needs to know more than just the basics. Find quality WordPress reading material with great tips and advice. Some good WordPress training resources are the WP Codex and different blogs.

Once you’re proficient, contact clients for small projects. Try every possibility and be patient – and if you’re a good developer, customers will happily pay a higher price. Another career opportunity for WordPress development is starting your own company with plugins and themes, you know those can be more than helpful.

Use the newly learned skills in other fields, too. From marketing jobs to design-related positions, developing is more than a useful skill.

Java Script

When developing in WP, you not only need to master this programming language, you also need to know one or two JavaScript libraries such as Angolia Places, Anime.JS, Chart.JS, and Frames like Angular, Next.JS, and similar ones.

If you are an interface developer and want to make themes or plugins interactive, you need to know JavaScript, a programming language for networking, which is often referred to as a scripting language. It is also known as the customer’s national language because it is displayed by the browser.

Java Script

It usually takes up to 3 months for someone who doesn’t know a programming language but wants to learn it. It may take you 4 to 5 months to get used to using libraries.

Business Proficiency

As a WP developer, you must have sufficient knowledge of market trends and industry requirements. What if you put a lot of effort into building a website and it doesn’t catch people’s attention? Some insight and growth in hacking thinking are always useful for excellence.

And how can you further develop your website? When developers create websites that effectively meet customer needs, they can stand out from the crowd and earn great hourly rates. When you work for a WordPress company, you can take on a senior position as a team leader in developing and cultivating many useful skills.


A top WordPress designer needs to have adequate knowledge of WordPress coding and structure. Designers focus more on the aesthetics of a website, such as color combinations, fonts, and different styles and theories.

Apart from designing websites, WP designers can find options for designing many different online website themes. Many users opt for free themes or third-party premium themes. There are also plenty of platforms out there to list your topics and make a decent amount of money.

To become a designer, you need to learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, at least. You should also devote your time to learning coding and programming languages ​​including HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java.

Site Building

Development is full of time-consuming and complex tasks like compiling or optimizing code. Construction tools allow you to skip tedious tasks and get straight to the important things. If you want to be a great WordPress developer – or any developer at all – you need to learn to use construction tools!

CodeKit is a popular choice and probably one of the easiest tools to build. It enables compilation, compression, and optimization, and works across browsers and devices. It can also be integrated into npm and allows you to import common frames from the frontend.

Site building skills will easily transfer to similar areas in other careers, whether you want to become a writer, UX designer, or analyst. We’ll list many more positions at the end of the article for you to check out.

Time Management

Time management is very necessary. Nobody wants a developer who has no sense of time and is too slow. If you are a freelancer or have recently worked from home, practicing communication and time management skills is essential. It’s a must to be proficient in this field, as one of the options to get paid for your work is by the hour.

To manage your time, you can use tools like RescueTime and improve your communication with Trello or Focusmate. These tools are great for being productive and simply increasing your overall productivity – at any career.

Final Thoughts

WordPress skills are extremely versatile and the knowledge and experience you gain. Practicing them could easily be transferred to many other positions, and some of those include:

  • Virtual assistants
  • Writers
  • SEO analysts
  • Content managers and publishers
  • Social media managers
  • Web developers
  • UX designers
  • Data analysts
  • Marketing managers
  • And so much more!

Learning WP is more than useful for your career future – so make sure to study it and adorn your CV with newly learned and exciting skills!


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